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A walk in the neighborhood - with photo gallery

During my recent short visit to Egypt, I was staying with my friend in Heliopolis, a district of Cairo that is considered to be one of the more affluent ones. To me it just seemed wonderfully quaint and local - especially as I used to live not too far from my hostess’s home during my teacher training in 2004. Unfortunately the rickety tram I used to love to take no longer existed. Instead a huge shopping center was built near her home which turned out as a perfect landmark for me to find my way home/tell taxi drivers where to take me.

A fantastic history

Helioplois’s construction was started in 1907 by the Belgian entrepreneur and amateur Egyptologist Baron Empan. Back then the area was in the desert 10 km from Cairo and represented the first large-scale attempt to promote its own architecture, known now as the Heliopolis style. It was designed as a "city of luxury and leisure", with broad avenues and equipped with all conveniences and infrastructure

The district has some stunning architecture and beautiful wide streets.  The Catholic Basilica church on Al-Ahram street is a famous landmark in Heliopolis, and it is the burial place of Baron Empain.

The many places of worship in the district, including Islamic mosques, Christian Saint Maron and Saint-Rita church, and the Jewish Al Missalah Street synagogue, demonstrate that the city has been living in religious tolerance since it was established. (source: wikipedia).

A morning stroll

We didn’t have any plans till the evening so I ventured out on a little tour around the block while it was still reasonably cool. This is what I found - lovely people everywhere... many asked me to take their photo and on the following days all waved/nodded at me when I walked past. Some asked my friend to bring them the photos I took - this is in Cairo, a city of about 12 million people!  I love that place! 

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