Friday, 24 June 2016 21:39

Stroll through Korba, Heliopolis in Cairo - Photo Gallery

On my first day in Cairo I went for a morning stroll in Korba, a neighborhood in Heliopolis - one of the 'posher' and most historical areas in Cairo where I used to live in 2003. It has many still beautiful buildings and a very special atmosphere. It is old and parts are quite shabby, but still has its charm of bygone eras. 

The roads were unusually quiet because of Ramadan and I had a wonderful time just getting lost in the small streets. Many people seemed in a bit of a haze still because of the little sleep they get during the month of Ramadan, but everyone was friendly and cheerful, nodding politely when I motioned if I could take a picture.

Excuse the occasionally dark pictures, but I did not want to intrude too much by using a flash even though most Egyptians love having their photo taken, often literally jumping in front of your camera to pose. 

I especially loved the bakeries. They were already busy baking bread for 'Iftar' - the evening meal - and invariably invited me to come inside. 

I've kept all photos of my morning in the album to give you the 'full picture', share the atmosphere and all the emotions and to allow myself to go on this walk over and over as the photos are also in chronological order. Enjoy! 


Mary Anglberger

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