Friday, 13 March 2015 10:18

Ten habits that… yeah right

If you are spending any amount of time online, you will have noticed all those ‘lifestyle blogs’ that have you wonder if they are meant to make you feel better or worse. Do you ever read those ’10 habit’ articles? I’ve started reading them just to see if I can finally find one ‘habit’ that I have. No luck so far! Even though I am not sure what criteria they use to establish just what makes those people so deliriously happy, so incredibly successful, I am sure that I am not exactly miserable or a total loser for that matter.

Why do they never include things ‘real people’ do? Are they implying all those little things we do that make us smile, that make us or at least our ‘soul’ sing, are not desirable kinds of habits? Why do they never ever include any of MY habits? What’s wrong with my little routines?

Why does it never say ‘Incredibly happy people sleep with their camera next to them so they can sit up in bed at 6:00 a.m. to photograph a stunning sunrise?’ How about ‘They have in-depth, beautiful gibberish monologues with their cats?’ ‘They have ridiculously strong coffee and candy bars for breakfast – in bed.’ 

Not once have I seen ‘They sit on the floor using their nutmeg grater to grate pastels onto their writing pad and smudge them into beautiful shapes’. It does make me deliriously happy! And how come that doing those incredible innovative, totally self-invented yoga poses never features – an almost no fail tip for some morning happiness.

The write ups that certainly survey the wrong people (if any at all) are those about ‘creative people’. Surely we all have our own little tricks to get our creative juices flowing – that’s what makes us creative in the first place. I know for a fact, that a cold beer and bag of salt&vinegar potato chips is an absolute sure fire guarantee for some awesome ideas. Obviously the bigger the bag of chips, the better the ideas – a formula that admittedly does sometimes backfire when applied to the size of beer. But with some practice you’ll figure out the ideal dosage for all those little ‘happiness inciters’.

So I’ll just keep perfecting my own habits and be just as happy, creative and successful as I can, sticking to my own little ‘devices’.

Mary Anglberger

I’ve been travelling the world for over 20 years teaching English and am now taking time to follow my passion for photography and writing. I want to share all the things, events and people that have inspired and inspire me and spread those positive vibes all around.

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