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Recipes with pumpkin - beyond soups and pie

Recipes with pumpkin - beyond soups and pie Photo: apfelzweig, chefkoch.de

Having lived in North Carolina where pumpkins are abound all autumn long, pretty much any other place I’ve since visited has left me longing for their beauty piled up at farmers markets, in front yards, outside supermarkets...

Back home in Austria, pumpkins are also grown in abundance, especially in the southeastern region of Styria. However, hardly anyone cooks with them as they are mostly grown for their seeds from which the dark and quite pungent pumpkin seed oil is made - a delicacy often used in haute cuisine.  There are a few weeks in October/November when many restaurants feature cream of pumpkin soup on their menu and pumpkin sightings are becomign more frequent as they are getting increasingly popular for decoration.

Oh sweet pumpkin how I miss you

Now living in Cyprus where autumn temperatures often feel like autumn temperatures in North Carolina and the light this time of year is gorgeous, I dearly miss the sight of huge piles of bright orange pumpkins shining in the low late summer sunlight.

When I do find one, I usually move it around my place for a few days first, enjoying its beauty, photgraphing it. Fortunately a pumpkin goes a long way and then it’s pumpkin recipe galore.

Apart from the well-known soups and pies, there are many other ways to create recipes with pumpkin

You can:

  • Roast them in the oven
  • Fry or bake them in fries
  • Make curries, purees, stews, chilies
  • Sauté  them with onion and herbs
  • Roast cubes and serve them on salad
  • Use them in lasagna, moussaka or quiche
  • Cook them with lentils or beans
  • Serve them with pasta or use them to stuff ravioli
  • Use them for empanadas or quesadillas
  • Bake bread, cakes, muffins, pancakes

As a pumpkin is quite mild in flavor, you can get really creative adding any touch you want. Indian being the obvious choice as curries blend well with it. But they also lend themselves well to the Mediterranean cuisine with green leafy vegetables and flavorful cheeses. So get experimenting!

They are few and far between but here a classy list of some gorgeous savory recipes with pumpkin

A beautifully photographed book on how the pumpkin develops is Seed-Sprout-Pumpkin-Pie 

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