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Skill of Parenting

New mothers during a baby massage class New mothers during a baby massage class

The Limassol-based non-profit organisation Baby Academy has been helping new parents face the challenges and uncertainties of being a new parent. It supports new and expectant parents in their early years on the journey of parenthood.

The welcoming space in the heart of Limassol offers comprehensive information and support for new mums and dads concerning pregnancy issues, labour, childbirth, breastfeeding, neonatal care, First Aid, nutrition and psychological support through classes, workshops, talks and support groups, and by simply offering a welcoming place where new parents can meet.

Support under one roof

The Academy was founded in December 2014 by the two friends, working mothers Christina Economou and Elena Antoniou. Both bankers, Christina was pregnant with her first child and Elena with her third, when they realised ‘something was missing’: a place where they could find all the help, support and advice they needed under one roof.

Thus, the Baby Academy was born.

“It has been hard work, but we’ve been getting such wonderful feedback, which is really rewarding,” says Economou.

“We believe great parents are made, and not born.”

The Academy has managed to get the support of top-level specialists and has a comprehensive list of free or very affordable services and classes.

“We pride ourselves in offering the best classes possible by certified specialists,” says managing Director Electra Katsikide Pantechi. “We all have a lot of knowledge to share, and constantly support each other with advice and friendship but, when it comes to teaching the actual classes, we believe a qualified specialist does it best.”

Classes and services

The regular programme at the Baby Academy features:
⦁ Great Expectations Package – Prenatal and Beyond
⦁ Conscious Fathering: Skills for New Dads
⦁ Developmental Care for Babies Class
⦁ Baby Massage
⦁ Welcome Sibling Class
⦁ First Aid for Children & Infants
⦁ Music therapy classes for Mother & Infant
⦁ Support at Birth
⦁ Home Support

All classes are offered in Greek and English, and costs usually run between €10 and €20 per class. Support groups are free of charge. November’s classes, which will, for the most part, be repeated in the near future, had included: Baby wearing  by trained Baby wearing Consultant Gosia Yiapani, Music therapy sessions for mother and infants  by Music therapist Irine Ioannou and a breast-feeding support group with lactation consultant Michelle Orthodoxou.

A busy December and 2017

The Academy and its team are excited about the growing success of their centre and look forward to continuing to support young families.

“We are very proud that if a new or expectant mother needs help, we are able to provide it. We invite mothers to contact us and join our network of support, professional help and friendship,” says Katsikide Pantechi.

Most recently, the free monthly breast-feeding support group met on December 8. The meeting was suitable for expectant mothers and breastfeeding mums with their infants. The group meets to share experiences, learn new tips, make new friends and support each other.

December 9 saw an Intimate Birth Workshop, an experiential workshop where participants explored tools for communication and connecting a pregnant mother with herself and couples with each other, re-evaluating relationships from a fresh perspective to build the foundations of a new family. Hosting the event was Stefanie Nicolaou, and a holistic fertility specialist.

Just around the corner, the monthly First Aid seminar takes place tomorrow, December 17. Baby Massage seminars can be arranged for individuals or in groups upon request, and are held by a certified infant massage instructor.

Sessions take place at the Baby Academy’s premises. Pre- registration is requested. Details can be found at babyacademycy.com via the Facebook Page BabyAcademyCy or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 7000 0072.

Article as Published in The Cyprus Weekly of December 16th 2016 

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