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Is parenting going out of fashion?

I have been trying to decide all week if I’m just getting too noise sensitive, if it’s all these reports of violence at schools on my mind, or if things are just really getting out of control. I live near a large school and I find the teenagers in the streets are becoming increasingly aggressive – their voices, their body language, their whole behaviour louder and more violent by the day.

If they are walking, there’s always at least one kicking something, be it a fence, or a post or a friend’s leg. There’s always at least another shouting things which certainly do not sound like terms of endearment.

And I don’t even want to get started on those on motorbikes – so loud your ears buzz after they have passed. They race around the block all hours of the day, thread between cars, perform all sorts of stunts, of course all without a helmet that would clearly look ‘uncool’.

Do they not have parents, I keep wondering. Is there no one home at all? Ever? Surely, if the noise of their tampered-with motorbikes is heard across the neighbourhood, their parents hear it, too? And their safety? Is it not a concern?

I won’t even touch the question of what the police could or should be doing, but obviously aren’t. Whatever it is they are announcing they’ll ‘crack down’ on, ‘get tough on’, the effects somehow always remain elusive.

But in any case, before the police’s, isn’t it the parents’ responsibility to have some sort of control over what their raging teenagers are up to? How come they are all out in the streets, venting their anger against public property and in the classrooms, against their teachers and classmates?

Violent, misbehaving teenagers are certainly not a problem unique to Cyprus and surely there are ‘nice kids’ out there, too, but somehow it feels like something’s going amiss here. And I find it scary.

Article as published on November 25th 2016 

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