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Clothes that make the man

Kypros Kypri in his element Kypros Kypri in his element

Kypros Kypri has been dressing the island’s grand events of law and politics in fine cloth for nearly half a century.

Originally from Famagusta, the tailor began sewing professionally at the tender age of 12, when he was assisting an uncle of his.

“At first it was just work and I was too young to understand whether I actually liked it,” explains the 60-year-old, a youthful and elegant gentleman.

Nonetheless, many today are more than happy that Kypri soon realised that he did indeed enjoy tailoring. He also studied fashion design at the Johann School of Germany in Greece and opened his shop at its current location near Limassol’s Pentadromos Centre in 1979.

Even then, he had already brought his own customers from his time in the army, and it has always been easy for him to find clients, he says. In fact, during most of his career, he also worked Sundays to satisfy his many customers’ fashion needs.

Specialising in men’s suits

Kypri is a bespoke tailor. Bespoke tailoring involves a pattern made to the customer’s exact body measures and requiring several fittings before the garment can be considered finished. Fabric forKypri’s suits is chosen from the latest catalogues of the world famous Italian luxury fashion house Zegna.

Until the late 1980s, his clientele consisted of equal parts women and men. Then, in the early 90s, the gifted tailor decided to focus on men’s suits exclusively. He has also stopped doing alterations and is now happy to ensure the island’s men are well-dressed.

His favourite thing to make are jackets. “It is a difficult job, and I am glad I learned [the skill] at a young age,” he explains. Asked when the best time of his career was, he answers: “Now” without hesitation, but accompanied by his gentle smile.

“I have very special customers now, many in their mid-30s to mid-40s, and I enjoy seeing them so happy when they try on their finished suit,” he adds.

He regularly makes wedding suits and also has foreign clients, some of whom will order a tailored suit once a year, while they vacation on the island.

When asked what lies ahead for him, he once more flashes his shy-yet-handsome smile and, with a sweeping motion towards his elegant workshop, says: “The future is here”.

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