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It's over

The idea of summer coming to an end - always bittersweet The idea of summer coming to an end - always bittersweet

It left – overnight, quietly, yet with a certain subdued bang. That first thought of, ‘Ooh, I feel a bit chilly’, comes like a shock every year.

It seems that in Cyprus, nature coordinates things closely with the school calendar.

It’s the beginning of September, schools are opening their doors, we’re bracing ourselves for that maddening flow of morning and afternoon traffic of parents on school runs, and promptly temperatures drop by those 2 or 3 degrees that spread this ‘it’s over mood’ and make us brace for ‘winter’.

Soon there won’t be any more ice cream at your local kiosk – who would eat ice cream if it’s below 25 degrees?

Any traces of swimwear or beach utensils have long been removed from the shelves. A quiet ‘It’s over’ is seeping from every street corner.

What a funny cycle one gets drawn into here! I still miss Austria a bit and think of how exciting it was not knowing what the weather might be doing the next day.

Drops in temperatures of 10 degrees literally overnight are not at all uncommon there.

Here in Cyprus, we can pretty much be sure that we’ll have above 20 degrees for at least another two months – summer temperatures really for most other mainland Europeans. Except that we won’t have any ice cream at our local kiosk.

I still remember my very first time at an evening beach party at the end of August six years ago. People kept explaining that they were celebrating the end of summer, the end of the swimming season, the end of time spent on the beach… it sounded sinister.

And I remember how utterly confused I was. According to the weather charts I had looked at, it seemed to me that in Cyprus they had summer pretty much all year round – especially after having moved here from the Baltic state of Latvia where they do have four distinct seasons and summer does end.

And I still remember asking, “So how cold will it get?”, suddenly wondering if I should have brought my winter gear after all.

I went home thinking, those people were just strange – probably an isolated group of individuals who suffered from some sort of paranoia.

And that’s before I even knew about the ‘no more ice cream factor’ that plays into this phenomenon, too.

Today, I am one of them. I sit here at my desk, with open balcony doors, feeling that tiny chill that makes me realise ‘It’s over’.

Thank goodness we’ll soon be getting news of friends and relatives in other countries where temperatures really do drop in September, making us appreciate that, in a way, Cyprus summers actually last for most of the year.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of September 16th 2016 

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