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Power and grace

On July 29 Limassolians were treated to a breathtaking display of grace and power when the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili was performing at a sold-out Limassol Municipal Theatre.


The group had the enthusiastic crowd clapping, tapping their feet and at times holding their breath in awe. The male dancers were literally flying through the air, their sables creating sparks from the impact while dainty, slim women in colourful, noble long dresses were graciously watching, at times joining or performing their own dances. Both, choreography and costumes were spectacular.


The Georgian National Ballet, founded in 1945 by  dancers Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili,  was the first professional state dance company in Georgia and has since made Georgian traditional music and dance known around the world. 


Georgian dances are divided into solo, pair and group dances. Each dancer follows a common plan and its unique way of expression through dance. Several dances require competition between partners in strength, agility, elevation and bold movements. Men perform spectacular leaps and turns displaying incredible speed and precision, often branding swords and small shields.


The role of female dancers has a great grace and charm of its own. Similar to classical ballet, each emotion and feeling has its own traditional movement. The female dancers make small steps and give the impression of slipping along.


“One can recognize some traditional Cypriot elements in the dances because of the Pontic Greeks from the Caucasus region,” says Panicos Schinis of Papadopoulos & Schinis Productions Ltd who brought the group to Cyprus for the third time. “It’s a captivating show to watch, and an honour to have in Cyprus.”


Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of 29th July 2016 


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