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Sharing the Magic of Cyprus

Akamas peninsula Akamas peninsula

Social media is filled with enthusiastic posts about the sunny weather, the clean waters and quaint villages of Cyprus. One young Russian man is uniting Cyprus’s Russian community to share their experience living on the island via Instagram and Facebook.

Anatoliy Semenov is a marketing specialist from the Russian city of  Khabarovsk. He moved to Limassol with his wife Daria Pikova, an interior designer, a year ago and opened an interior design studio. Their decision came following a short visit during which, he explains, they fell in love with the island. They had been visiting several European countries, but Cyprus seemed ideal.

Many Russians appear to agree with the young couple and a team of eight is now sharing their experience via the Instagram account mymagicy which has 12.000+ followers. The different areas they specialise in include food, life in Cyprus, places to visit, beaches and Cypriot-Russian relationships/marriages. A website will be launched in the near future.

Anatoly especially enjoys making videos, mostly using his iPhone and often a drone to share on their Facebook page MyMagiCy, which has almost 1.000 followers only a month after its creation. He also collaborates with several amateur and professional photographers and is currently working on a short video with the photographer Nina Koroleva, featuring people of different nationalities declaring their love for Cyprus.

The Cyprus enthusiasts plan to increase their following and eventually also add other languages “We look forward to making this community grow and share our enthusiasm for this wonderful island,” concludes Semenov.

The team can be contacted via their social media accounts, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 99618351

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of July 15th 2016

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