Friday, 24 June 2016 19:01

A Ramadan night in Cairo - Photo Gallery

Cairo is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love its noise and mayhem. In fact, I lived there in 2003 - only for a few, but very enjoyable months. I fell in love with it and its people and always felt safe.

This time I went back to stay with a friend from back then and met up with several others. And I went to experience Ramadan. I felt safe and charmed as ever.

The whole trip there, including my arrival, went smoothly. We even arrived early at Cairo International Airport after just a little over an hour’s flight.

The signs at the airport were clear and I got my visa, changed some money and went through immigration all within minutes.  My ride into town with a lovely, English speaking taxi driver was arranged even before getting to the baggage claim.

Thus began my perfect stay. I arrived at my friend's and it felt like meeting an old friend. It was 9 pm. We chatted some and at 10 dropped her kids off at her parent's nearby to go out for dinner - she had not broken her fast yet.

We had a lovely local dinner at a place called Zooba in a huge nearby mall and then headed off to Korba, Heliopolis to take in the Ramadan atmosphere. So vibrant, so lively, so cheerful and chaotic! 

No alcohol or music involved and yet it was a big street party. Have a look: 


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