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Dinner adventure in Beijing - Photo Gallery

We got to Bejing in the afternoon after a 5-hr train ride from Dalian in the East of the country. It was cloudy and spring-like warm with still chilly winds.

My host’s brother who lived in Beijing, met us at the train station and took as to a perfect hotel right in the center near the Drum tower, the charming Beihai North Lake Park and the Hutongs (small old streets).

The perfect hotel

I had stayed in this area during my first visit to China almost 10 years ago and had pointed it out on my trusty Lonely Planet map and the host’s brother had made the fantastic choice of ‘Hotel 66’. Modern, clean, small, right in a Hutong - as local as they come - so much so the receptionists spoke very little English.

I was tired, hungry and in need of some ‘me time’ and my host obviously happy to spend time with his brother. I convinced them that I was a ‘big girl’ and would be okay to find dinner on my own.

Recognizing magical places from 10 years ago

After a quick shot out of my room window I wandered off and was thrilled to find I recognized the streets - even if vaguely - a big feat for someone with a dreadful sense of direction. Some wonderful memory magically led my back to the tree lined Hutong where I had enjoyed a brilliant roadside dinner so long ago.

I wandered around a bit and after a some comparing decided for a bright, modern looking place that had only locals inside. I had been eating with teachers in school canteens - tasty things but with no selecting on my own. I wanted to look at a menu and choose and yes, sit alone and enjoy the company of my camera only.

Best restaurant choice ever

It was the best choice I could have made. The waitresses spoke some English, the English menu had pictures of food that as it turned out, were actually depicting the real thing. And they had Tsingtao beer on draft. Heaven!

I chose a noodle soup, a spinach-peanut salad and tofu. The price had me think those were servings for one but I ended up with enough food for three and I’m a big eater. Everything was absolutely delicious. I photographed everything in sight, dwelled in happiness, payed a total of 10 euros and then asked to take the rest home.

Icing on the cake

I had no ‘home’ or desire to eat cold tofu in the middle of the night so I put the bag onto the handlebars of a bicycle of an elderly man who was moving bricks from a little wagon attached to it. I smiled at him and motioned that this was for him. His smile was even better than my dinner!

I wandered back to my hotel in a state of bliss, taking a few more pictures and even coming across a cat cafe which warmed my heart just a little more. I was happy to be in Beijing! 


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