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IT genius, foodie, music and outdoor fan - all in one

Most people study computer science to get into Information Technology. Not so Geoff Dutch. The young man from Watford, England did not use to be a ‘geek’. He used to played guitar in a rock band whilst at school - where he did excel in language and computer studies. Having finished school he started a summer job packing boxes in his dad’s company’s warehouse whilst spinning drum & bass vinyls at parties at the weekend.

However, having been exposed to computers from an early age and always having liked computing, he soon ended up running the company’s IT department, as its income increased tenfold.

He worked with Cypriot clients in the UK which is also how he met his child’s mother, with whom he moved to a village in the Paphos area in 2006 whilst continuing to work for the family company, religiously teaching himself more online skills.

I met Geoff when he proposed to do an interview with me about my dinner clubs for his website He has since become my own, much trusted ‘web guy’, helping me out with all sorts of queries and having recently set up my own website which I am now able to constantly adapt to my needs with his help.

Cyprus-eating - listing over 2000 Cyprus eateries

His own ‘baby’ started off as a simple page of Paphos eateries which he created after finding that there were basically no online restaurant listings - a service he used to appreciate back in the UK. The idea took off and today the listing is one of the island’s largest with over 10.000 organic (without paid ads) unique visitors per month, featuring 2200 eateries island wide. 

While still in Paphos, Geoff met many restaurant owners who approached him to be listed on his site. His dedication to the site also helped him to learn a lot more about SEO he explains - a skill that has obviously come in handy.

A good IT reputation - a valuable tool

At first it was mostly restaurant owners who just wanted a remake of their existing websites, but Cyprus being a place where a good reputation does go a long way, word got out and he has since done many websites including one for a football team, a charity, a yoga teacher, owners of construction, travel, and wealth management businesses and many others who are happy to know their online matters in good hands.  Geoff’s work is a great example of how the digital world allows successful business relationships to blossom from town to town, district to district and country to country.

Services in demand

Today Geoff lives in Limassol from where he continues to provide IT services to local small businesses and grow He works with national and international companies creating, updating and maintaining their websites. He’s always enjoyed computing and as he says ‘likes a good challenge’. And with the ever changing online world there’s plenty of them out there, and plenty to stay up-to-date with.

When not in front of his computer, he likes to be outdoors, doing sports and enjoying the many things Cyprus has to offer - all within a few hours' drive - including new restaurants where he will always take a few good food photographs ‘for the record’.

To contact Geoff about a restaurant listing, the creation or revamping of a website, contact him via his website. 

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