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Making online life glamorous and fun

Charli Says Charli Says

Charlotte - or Charli as she’s known by most - may be familiar to you from Facebook, where she will have you do a literal ‘LOL’ over her witty, and sometimes outrageous posts.  She thinks she may have gotten some of her mischievousness in convent school. Whatever may be the case, it certainly results in entertaining and interesting writing.  A skill the young British woman from Berkshire, England is putting to good use via Charli Says, Tweet Cyprus and the content writing she does for corporates with obviously the needed seriousness. 

I met Charli - it could not have been otherwise - online. After over a year of ‘Facebook friendship’ we finally met in ‘real life’ when she came up to me at a restaurant “Hi, I’m Charli.” “I know,” I felt like replying. Looking at her cheerful smile and bubbly demeanour, I knew this was the woman who’d post things like ‘If it looks like it was wrapped by a blind T-Rex, it's from me.’ We got on right way and have since been in regular (sometimes hilarious) contact. But obviously there is a whole more serious side to the digital content manager. 

Cyprus - a short holiday that turned into a 10-year stay

To the question “How Did You End Up In Cyprus?” Charli answers “Bored of my corporate career, I took some time out back in 2005 to go travelling. I spent time in Greece working on a turtle conservation project before settling in Fiera Di Primiero, a pretty mountain town in the North of Italy. There I lived out a “Sound of Music” / “Mama Mia” kind of existence which involved plenty of dancing, wine tasting and numerous attempts at skiing! After this I ‘visited’ Cyprus not intending to stay... that was ten years ago! What can I say... there’s something about this little Mediterranean island that hooks you in and doesn’t let you go!” 

Creating Tweet Cyprus 

The social media buff also likes that there are so many talented people in Cyprus... artists, singers, cookery experts, photographers… This is why she set up Tweet Cyprus on Twitter and Facebook to showcase the best that the island has to offer. Eateries, events, people, sights, articles from the national and international media… “It’s a great way to put my skills to good use and give something back to the community. I love to shine the spotlight on the beautiful things rather than the negatives,” the writer explains.

She loves ‘the simple pleasures in life’ and living by the sea which gives her great inspiration for her writing. Today Charli does the digital content management for a FOREX company and freelances which explains why you’ll usually find her with a notepad or laptop during her time off (“what’s that?” she may ask).

Writing easy to understand articles for ‘all levels of online geekiness’ 

She explains that as a digital content manager in the corporate marketing arena she has written over five hundred articles and case studies. Her website is primarily where her articles are showcased. Digital marketing case studies, writing tips and social media advice for followers of all abilities are featured there. She also offers freelance writing services, social media workshops and editorial services. “I write ‘easy to understand’ articles which tackle difficult topics with a humourous and practical approach.”

What’s Next For Charli?

While really contented right now, Charli is also in the process of taking her writing to the next level and plans to increase her reputation internationally as a content marketing thought leader. With the online world being so portable and always at one’s fingertips, she is looking forward to moving about more freely and doing some exploring and travelling while continuing to grow and share her skills. Charli can be found via her website, her twitter account and of course via Facebook and most other social media portals. 

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