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Bringing gifts and gadgets and a whole lot more to Limassol 

Yiotis Ttofis Kyriakou at The Copy Shop Yiotis Ttofis Kyriakou at The Copy Shop

The owner of ‘Gifts and Gadgets’ and ‘The Copy Shop’ and the founder of Limassol's 'Street Life Festival' Yiotis Ttofis Kyriakou is a true Limassolian who actually grew up spending most of his childhood just across the street from his current shop on Saripolou Street. His parents owned what was back then the first department store on the island - today part of the Cyprus University of Technology - and he was in there helping from an early age. 

I met Yiotis at the beginning of my stay in Cyprus as The Copy Shop is located in my favourite part of town. I have since had all my photocopying for my English teaching, my business cards and my flyers for my various events done there. I love the comfort of being able to send an e-mail and then pop in to pick up my ‘order’ and the fact that Yiotis will actually call me if something is unclear or if I’ve asked for ‘the impossible’ which does happen when I get my document formats mixed up. 

The shop is somewhat of an institution for many - there’s always a busy yet very familiar, and relaxed atmosphere. If there were coffee tables, people would probably hang out in there even more to discuss all things art, design and printing.  

Inspired by gimmicks and gadgets 

Yiotis studied finance and accounting in the UK and upon his return to Cyprus worked at his parents’ business. However, inspired to all the ‘gimmicky’ stuff, all the gadgets he had seen while in England, he decided to open Gifts and Gadgets across from his parents shop in 2006. In 2007 The Copy Shop was opened and in 2009 the two adjacent shops were connected. 

Gifts and Gadgets is somewhat of an insider tip for lovers of original, arty gifts and a trusted source of supplies for hobbyists and professionals in design, graphic design and art. “If they want it, I order it,” Yiotis explains the well-stocked art supply section of the shop. He enjoys finding out about the latest trends in the design world and keeping the selection relevant and up-to-date. 

The Copy Shop does all kinds of copying and printing from the smallest cards to the largest posters, architectural plans and banners and also has help available with design work. The shop is a bit of a ‘live bulletin board’ as many of the flyers and posters for the center’s events are printed there. 

Involved in what’s happening in town 

One event that Yiotis himself initiated back in 2007 is the Street Life Festival - a festival featuring live music, graffiti, painting, handicrafts, a skate park, food and drink. At the time most of downtown looked like a huge construction site with the Cyprus University of Technology coming to Limassol and many buildings were covered with scaffolding. 

Along with some of friends they decided to organise a street party with the intention of beautifying their street and inspiring others to enliven their own. After its initial success, more wall space was added and more and more people wanted to be part of it, greatly contributing to bringing life back to the downtown area. 

Now Street Life Festival is the biggest annual event in the Streets of old town Limassol attracting over 10.000 visitors aiming  to entertain, but also to educate, especially young people, about graffiti being art and not vandalism, requiring permission and artistic skill and to discourage unsightly illicit writings on the town’s walls.  To find out more about the Festival, see its Facebook page

Yiotis Ttofis Kyriakou likes to see himself as an active citizen who makes a difference. His shop supports many of the local charity events through printing and he is in regular contact with the municipality to make suggestions in an effort to develop the downtown area. 

The future of the shop/s is very aptly for a creative place - bright, colourful and even more arty. Investment in additional state-of-the art printing equipment is planned as is the further enhancement of the art supply section with DIY and crafts material. 

Gadget fans can look forward to more iconic designer items and new touches of art in the gift section. The idea is to be fun and up-to-date, if possible a step ahead, and to continue being a spot in town where one’s art and printing needs will be taken care of in a sociable, friendly environment. 

To find out more/contact the copy shop see the Facebook pages Gifts and Gadgets and The Copy Shop or call 25 353572 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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