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Having a voice, giving a voice

Sarah Fenwick Sarah Fenwick

Having a voice, giving a voice 

Jazz and Blues singer and co-founder Sarah Fenwick can pride herself in both. She has a fantastic singing voice and the ability to give people a voice through her news site and blogging platform. 

I met Sarah Fenwick early on during my time in Cyprus and had the pleasure of blogging for CyprusNewsReport for several years while hosting my dinner clubs and of knowing Sarah as a very professional business partner, loyal friend, advisor and supporter. 

Born in Kenya to a Cypriot mother and an English father, Sarah Fenwick’s family moved to Cyprus when she was eight.  Today the owner of Jazz Arts & Communications Ltd, sought-after performer and main contributor and editor of CyprusNewsReport, she has made it her mission to use her voice in the literal and figurative sense.

She has always liked singing and during her school years was frequently picked for school performances. However, when the time came to chose a field of studies, Sarah’s grandfather, to whom she was very close, did not like the idea of her studying music.  


Choosing the writer’s path 

Sarah’s second passion has always been writing, she has always been fascinated by the media and the way journalists shape society and also have the power to protect it. As the family did support Sarah’s creativity, she ended up studying journalism in Wisconsin, USA. 

She took her studies very seriously but “When you are a musician at heart, you are always a musician,” says Sarah who joined her first professional ‘band’ at university. In fact, she joined a gospel group where she was the only white person, which caused a lot of friendly teasing. It helped her develop musically and nurtured her constant need for music.

While singing in the gospel band, she studied mass communications - an area which she finds gave her valuable knowledge as it is very helpful in understanding how today’s society and media work together. 


Returning to Cyprus 

Sarah returned to Cyprus when her grandfather fell seriously ill and started working as freelance journalist and did a lot of singing. Her first CD called ‘Jazz Attack’ was produced in 1995 and helped her establish herself as a singer. 


Entering the world of marketing

Always interested in new things, she became very involved in marketing and the role media plays in it and took classes. 

“Internet marketing was still very new in Cyprus in 2003,” she explains and liking to pioneer things, she created Jazz Arts & Communications in 2012 together with her husband Savvas Hadjigeorgiou, an experienced video Director/Producer. They now combine their creativity and media skills with the aim to enhance the market with their forward-looking approach. 

Sarah finds it imperative to be a ‘holistic digital marketer’ and produced an e-book on the subject to show how important it is, even in digital marketing, to connect in a human way and to build relationships.  

“Digital marketing as a whole is still not fully comprehended by many traditional Cypriot companies, but headway is being made,” she adds. 


Certain ethics standing true   

In Jazz music as in communications new and creative things always come back in different forms and Sarah’s school of thought is: Everything should be questioned, but certain ethics always stand true. The art of communication is to combine quality, equality and freedom of speech. Everyone should have a direct voice. 


Giving people a voice 

The blogging platform of CNR has recently been revamped and has been made even more widely available and user friendly, giving its bloggers a voice, allowing them to contact people and each other easily. Media protects society and people writing their own blogs can speak up, making a difference in society. 

CNR has existed for 6 years, a volunteer project which started on a shoestring with no budget, it is now coming to its originally planned structure of a blogging and social media platform combined with hard news. It is a new concept of activism and getting news out there, allowing bloggers to express themselves on their chosen topic. 

“It still has way to go,” says Sarah, “but it is certainly on the right track and will continue to grow.”


Blogging to introducing the person behind the product 

People are starting to understand that a blog is a marketing tool for which no huge marketing budget is needed in order to build one’s brand or get one’s name ‘out there’. 

“At CyprusNewsReport your own blog will help market you and it is free to join. People are interested in the person behind a business - it makes the business more personable which is very important in today’s online world where everything is becoming a niche product. The sheer size of the internet no longer lets us reach out to ‘everyone’ with one single product - no matter how big or small the product or brand.” 

The more specific and targeted one’s marketing is, the better. Writing about your own experience rather than actually marketing your product is going to be more effective. And if one cannot write, one can always get help with that.

Having a strong financial background, Sarah has also been able to build a large readership from the business and financial world which further benefits the site’s bloggers as the increased traffic via the site’s news articles benefits all. 


Keeping all that Jazz alive 

Sarah Fenwick and guitarist Marinos Neofytou have recently released their new CD ‘Jazz Origins’. Sarah continues to perform across the island and is set to open ‘Sarah’s Jazz Club’ in Nicosia in the New Year. She manages her priorities well and is able to share her music, her news and her skills. 

Just like Jazz music, writing allows people to express themselves - an opportunity she is happy to offer to everybody. Not everyone may have a singing voice, but everyone does have an online voice.  


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