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Kate Fensom - on a mission to create fairytales and magic

Kate Fensom reciting one of her poems Kate Fensom reciting one of her poems

Kate Fensom, born in Peterborough, England, is yet another beautiful example of an artist who has drawn great inspiration from the island of Cyprus. Her artistic career since her first visit in 2000 has not only been a journey to and on the island, but also a journey of growth and spirituality inspired by many and inspiring even more. 

I had actually not known the artist’s story myself even though I’d had met the charming redhead several years ago at an exhibit where our short chat was to start a wonderfully ‘soulful’ friendship. We have since hosted several lovely events together and spent many evenings talking about spiritual realms and fairytale creatures and I was hence thrilled to find out how they’ve all come to be.


The (not so smooth) artistic beginnings

“I’ve always painted, starting from a young age I was featured in drawing and art competitions and always dreamed to be a painter,” she starts her inspiring story. Interestingly enough, she was rejected from art college, not because of lacking artistic skills, but most probably because she just did not seem ready for university life, which looking back, she realized she wasn’t.

She spent a period of searching and wandering and upon completing her degree in sociology visited Cyprus as a ‘reward’. And there and then, the ‘muses started speaking to her’ as states her online biography. She experienced what she calls a ‘spiritual epiphany’ which also started her artistic journey of growth.


Painting Cyprus

After her first impactful visit, she soon returned to the island on a one-way ticket, in the beginning getting by on the proceeds of paintings of nature around, which were mostly traded in barters, for a while living on a boat in Kyrenia selling boat trip tickets and her paintings off the back of the boat. She started painting in earnest and by the autumn of 2002 had produced enough work for her first exhibition in Cyprus.

She then went on a road trip back to her hometown in England, to organize another exhibit. This is where she met her husband, also an artist. They got married and she gave birth to a daughter and after exhibiting together for several years in England, the family moved back to Cyprus in 2006.


Cyprus - Part two

Kate Fensom’s artistic style had meanwhile changed - from abstract it had been turning into a more meditative style, depicting her spiritual journey. In all of her work though, onlookers will always feel a joyful energy, especially in her new style which became apparent upon her return to the island.

She had come back to live an ‘artist’s life’, expressing how she felt travelling in the world. In the early days she painted a lot of the beauty of Cyprus, including more and more delicate, little magical creatures, building up to a big leap in 2008 with works like ‘The Ark’ and ‘Faith Renewed’.

Kate was now painting more about her journey of connecting with herself, finding and passing on healing powers in her work and looking to communicate the human truth through it. She also actively practiced yoga which became very much part of her journey and she has recently become a trained yoga teacher. 

In 2012 Kate did ‘The tarot’ - a set of 22 small paintings with ‘The fool’, a graceful, curious little goat on her own magical journey. The actual set of printed tarot cards turned out to be one of her biggest successes to date with its characters like the Magus, the Hierophant, dragons, fawns, hermits... delighting tarot, art and poetry lovers around the world.

While the spiritual artist had always written short texts to go with her work, the writing of the tarot greatly advanced the development of her poetry which as she says, ‘has no plan’, she just ‘lets it come’. 

Apart from connecting with her own emotions and development, she feels the numerous commissions she has done, have added immensely to her own wealth of feelings as people share their love stories with her. She takes great pleasure in transmitting the vibrancy of feelings through her paintings in an accessible way that requires no ‘reading into it’.


The journey ahead

Currently the artist feels like a change is coming, a breakthrough to a new phase - still magical, but possibly more ‘weighty’. “If I change, my art will change. I will always deal with the human condition, but a new essence of me will necessarily change my work. I know though, that my message will always continue to come through clearly: ‘We are not alone, we are all connected through love. Life is mysterious and everything will always be okay.’”

My own intrigue with Kate’ Fensom’s art keeps growing as I learn more about her, seeing that she really  IS her art - muse, faith, depth, growth and most of all: boundless love which in the end is what sustains us all.

To find out more about Kate, to treat yourself to her uplifting work, be informed of her upcoming exhibitions, visit or her Facebook page







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