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Wheelie going for it

Professionally designed ramps Professionally designed ramps

Limassol is able to pride itself on having Cyprus’s first indoor skate park. Located in a small industrial area at the western end of Makarios avenue, Go4it Cyprus is still a fairly well-kept secret among Skateboarders, BMX riders, Inline Skaters and Roller Scooters.

The 500m² space features professionally-designed ramps and obstacles and supplies professional skateboard, BMX and safety equipment. It opened in July 2014 and has since enjoyed a steadily growing clientele of sport-lovers aged four to 40.

“Contrary to what many people believe, there is typically no hooliganism or rough play involved in these roller sports,” explains manager Chris Giles.

Giles says that both BMX riding and skateboarding require a lot of focus, discipline and responsible behaviour, as ramps are shared and riders and skaters need to acknowledge each other’s presence and follow protocol. The sports boost confidence and determination, whilst also being very sociable and expressive.

He adds that BMX riders and skateboarders get on well, as in Cyprus their communities are fairly small. Different nationalities participate together, with everyone learning and encouraging each other when trying out new tricks. There are many Cypriot and British kids and a growing number of Russian skaters and bikers.

A background in sports

Giles moved to Cyprus in 2008 and worked in hospitality. When he got the opportunity to return to his own hobby of BMX riding and include his former profession and background in sports leadership and management, he accepted. In the UK he had taught Physical Education in primary schools with a focus on team-building and fair competition. These are concepts that he and his business partner Edward Morris now work with on a daily basis at their indoor park.

According to Giles, safety has been a priority from the start. The space is built to European standards and complies with all required health and safety features and has double wooden flooring. Helmets must be worn and first visits start with an introduction of safety rules.

There are free introductory sessions with demos, and taster lessons are also offered. One of the park’s team members will always meet parents during their child’s first visit to take away any worries.

An affordable hobby

With an entrance fee of €5 per day, punch passes and monthly passes, the Go4it Cyprus team wants to make sure the park is an affordable option for many, allowing parents to drop off their kids regularly,  assured that they are ‘hanging out’ at a safe place.

“We want to encourage kids to lead a more active lifestyle and have a hobby that fosters social interaction and mutual respect,” he said.

Go4it Cyprus is open six days a week and offers beginners group lessons, one-on-one coaching, a twice-a-week kids club, workshops, events and competitions and birthday parties and video projections of important events and film premieres.

Upcoming events include a Christmas charity event to support the Dog Valley Rescue Centre on December 6 and their second annual Skate & BMX Cup on December 19 and 20.

Details can be found via, their Facebook page or by calling 7000 8118.

Article as featured in The Cyprus Weekly of December 4th 2015 

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