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The first European Day of Awakenings

The first European Day of Awakenings, dedicated to people with coma outcomes and acquired brain injuries will be celebrated Europe wide on October 7 and on October 9 in Limassol.

The day will feature conferences, seminars and cultural events carried out jointly in Italy and the 9 partner countries. It will focus on people in and after a coma and the need to give a voice and a future to the thousands who suffer acquired brain injuries and to draw attention to the issue of their health and social inclusion.

The initiative was established by the Amici di Luca Association in Bologna, Italy, who has been successfully promoting the National Day of Awakenings for research on coma for the past sixteen years.

The association is now taking the initiative to a European level, involving various associations and public institutions in awareness-raising and cultural events, enhancing the value, acceptance and respect for the dignity of people with coma outcomes and acquired brain injuries in the community.

The expansion across Europe will commence in January 2016 to be put into action in spring and coming to an evaluative conclusions in summer. The Amici de Luca consists of L.U.C.A. - Links United for Coma Awakenings and LUCAS Links United for Coma Awakenings Through Sport.

The project in Cyprus is chaired by Chrysis Michaelides, President of the ESFC (European Social Forum of Cyprus) and Vice President of the FIMITIC (International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability) since 2005.

It is estimated that in Cyprus there are about 200 people in a coma or suffering from coma outcomes each year. “We are not only talking about the ‘awakenings’ of people from a coma, but also about the ‘awakenings of their ideas, will and capabilities and all those involved in their lives. Moreover, we talk about the ‘awakenings’ of those not involved, of the civil society, so that they will support these families in their new life project,” explains Michaelides.


“The success of the project will also depend on the financial and structural support of the government. The question of supporting persons with disabilities is a question of human rights which are frequently violated in Cyprus. Once a common approach is agreed on, the government will need to be pressed to install procedures to support the cause of people with coma outcomes and acquired brain injuries,” concludes the very outspoken and passionately involved president of the ESFC. For more information Mr. Michaelides can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of October 2nd 2015 

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