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Cafe Allospos getting ready for its customers

Limassol’s first crowd funded kafenio ‘Allospos’ which was recently featured in the Cyprus Weekly has found its home.

The idea of getting the project kick started with a crowd funding campaign got the young couple Maria and Stelios Antoniou’s dream off the ground.  Apart from a starting capital, it also earned them the interest and support of the community. People like their innovative initiative to take matters in their own hands as a bank loan was not an option, and many have pledged assistance.

The new business owners took the keys for their new venue at the beginning of September and are now busy renovating the space with the help of friends. The ground floor location which also offers outdoor seating in a backyard can be found at a prime location, just off Limassol’s Anexartisias street.

The almost 200 sq m space (110 outside and 85 inside) on Iperiou Street is bare for now and needs a lot of work, but equipped with a lot of enthusiasm and a great network of friends, the couple hope to open their doors in October, using an approach that may well become the new way of starting a business.

“We’ve got a fridge with cold drinks and a positive outlook,” laughs Maria. “People may have to bring their own glasses for now, but we’ll be happy to welcome anyone who wants to pay us a visit for a chat to share their ideas and support!”


The entrepreneurial couple can be contacted via their Facebook page ‘Allospos’ or at 96652607

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of September 18, 2015 

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