Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:16

Outrage over football field construction

Germasoyia residents are up in arms about the razing of a designated ‘green area’ in preparation for the construction of a mini-football field  at the River Germasoyia in the area of ​​Mesovouno.

Trees have been cleared off a property that is listed as being part of a ‘green zone’ and first steps taken for the building of the field. Residents living in houses adjacent to the land are distraught over the unauthorised development, saying they built their houses in this area because it is beautiful, green and quiet and are now worried about the noise level and flood lights disturbing their peace.

A letter of complaint has been sent to the Municipality of Germasoyia, the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Interior. According to an informed source, it is allowed to develop such land mildly and the letter has been sent on to all concerned government offices for their input which has been received. It seems a decision is being awaited by the Director of the Department of Town Planning and Housing Headquarters in Nicosia.  However, officials have not been available for comment.

According to resident Augusta Stylianou, foul play is suspected as the owner of the plot is the son of the former Mayor of Germasoyia and current councillor. The already existing stadium, only about 100 meters away from the new plot, is already disrupting the residents’ peace and a second football field, located at a level lower than the houses, will further increase noise levels.

A group of residents had also been to see officials at the Ministry of Interior, but say they feel their voices are not being heard and are frustrated as they are waiting to find out about the fate of their neighbourhood.


As published in The Cyprus Weekly of August 14th 2015 

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