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Paintings that play music and music that paints

Jazz music and painting - a combination that Limassolians got to experience from July 28  to August 5 during the exhibit ‘Jazz as an Inspiration’ by the Polish painter and saxophone player Marek Batorski at Peter’s Art Gallery.


In a chat with the Cyprus Weekly Batorski talked about his two passions - jazz music and painting.


Nature as an inspiration


Growing up in the rural area of Szczebrzeszyn, a city in south-eastern Poland near the border with the Ukraine, he was inspired by nature from a young age. From the age of six he was already drawing portraits of flowers in pencil and crayon. Especially autumn leaves used to fascinate him. It was only later that he realized that to him these falling leaves play music.


Music as an inspiration


His first ‘musical love affair’ was with classical music. Batorski learned to play the saxophone at the age of 17, particularly liking transcriptions of trumpet and oboe.


When he entered university he became more familiar with Jazz music and while experimenting with friends discovered the room for improvisation this genre offers. The artist has since come to love the blues feeling of it and all its abstract forms. In 1995 he started to study Jazz music.


In his academic field Marek Batorski chose to study at the Pedagogical University of Krakow because he loves sharing his passion for art and as he says, ‘teaching is a gift’. Today he teaches art in Krakow to adults and young children from the age of six - the same tender age at which he discovered art.


The artist’s life at present is divided into three equal parts of music, art and teaching and as he says, in his heart and his mind he is still very much connected to nature. While his paintings are mainly inspired by jazz music, the lines of nature can be found in them as well. His works often combine mediums such as ink, watercolour and linocut and carry names like ‘Crescendo in Red’ in honour of Duke Ellington or ‘Blue in Green’ after Miles Davis’s album ‘Kind of Blue’.


Batorski is currently planning another exhibit in Poland, but also hopes to return to Cyprus in the near future. His works can be seen at www.petersgallery.com.cy 




As published in The Cyprus Weekly of August 7th.  

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