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Cyprus breakfast

Cyprus breakfast Cyprus breakfast

The Cyprus Breakfast Programme, a programme promoting the authentic gastronomy of Cyprus by including a local food section on hotel’s daily breakfast buffets, aims to give Cyprus a competitive advantage in the international hotel industry.
It was launched in July 2014 to be run in 16 hotels in the Paphos/Polis region on a pilot basis and has proven to be a success and ready to be extended across the island.

Limassol’s first participant in the project

The first Limassol hotel, the Louis Royal Apollonia, has recently introduced the programme and is already reporting very positive feedback on the introduction of a Cypriot breakfast section at the hotel’s daily buffet. It features traditional dishes such as sweet and savoury local pastries, sweet tahini bread, different locally produced preserves and spreads, cheese and olive pies and of course local olives and cheeses such as Halloumi, Kefalotiri, Feta and Anari.

At the presentation of the programme’s extension in April 2015 at the Louis Royal Apollonia, Acting Director General of the Cyprus Tourism Office, Annita Demetriades, stressed the great importance placed by the CTO on enriching the island’s tourism product by catering for the international trend of consumers searching authentic experiences.

Hotel staff trained on the programme

Training sessions on the authentic gastronomy culture and the philosophy behind the ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ have taken place in all three major seaside resorts of Cyprus, namely Protaras, Paphos and Limassol. Restaurant and service staff have received relevant information on the programme and the philosophy behind supporting local producers and promoting authentic local cuisine.

The Cyprus Breakfast Programme focuses on the local gastronomic culture and heritage and highlights the social role of the industry through its support of local communities and small producers. Among the project’s main objectives are:

– To improve the local/traditional character of the breakfast offered by the participating hotels with a view to create added value in the hotel industry.
– To develop and disseminate useful informational material on the Cypriot gastronomy in relation to its historical and cultural dimension and its inherent nutritional value.
– To provide support to local producers by giving them access to the tourism sector through the breakfast programme which promotes their products and the particular way in which they are produced.

The project partners:

The project is supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Travel Foundation of the UK and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative.

The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative, established in 2006 with the goal to promote the development of a sustainable approach to tourism in Cyprus, finds that The Cyprus Breakfast concept falls within the objectives of sustainable tourism since it aims to support local producers and the authentic gastronomic heritage of rural Cyprus.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has adopted among its strategic priorities the development of the local gastronomy into a product of unique tourist experience, proving that Cyprus is more than ‘just sun and sea’.

The Travel Foundation is an independent charity working with the travel industry towards a sustainable future.
It enables travel companies to integrate sustainable tourism into their business, to protect the environment and create opportunities for local people in tourism destinations.

The Cyprus Breakfast concept falls within its efforts to enhance the quality of the tourist experience in Cyprus by capitalising on its authentic food and indirectly supporting practices that are beneficial for the small local producer and environmentally friendlier than purchases from distant sources.

The programme has been well received at the Louis Royal Apollonia and guests are keen on trying local foods and finding out more about them. Staff have been trained to answer any questions and according to Banqueting and Sales Officer Nicole Pitsilli are happy to be involved in promoting local food and culture. Breakfast at Louis Royal Apollonia is also available for visitors. More information about the programme can be found at 

As published in The Cyprus Weekly of July 24 2015 

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