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12th Summer Dance Festival Cyprus


Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers


The 12th Summer site-specific Dance Festival by the Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers is once again coming to Limassol July 17-26.


For ten consecutive days, dance fans will have the chance to wander around the town centre of Limassol rediscovering some old and forgotten pathways, historical landmarks and buildings, which will be revived through the choreographies presented by the participating artists. A total of nine dance groups will be presenting their new choreographic works.  


As a site specific festival, the showsstructures and contents attain a creative element from the space they are performed in. The choreographers created works to be presented within those specific spaces and as a result, the viewer is involved in a holistic dance experience going beyond the conventional framework of a traditional theatre or venue.


Performances also take place in Nicosia.


For details see their Facebook page Summer Dance Festival, call  99 517 910 or e-mail


As published in The Cyprus Weekly of July 17 2015




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