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Teas and coffees from around the world

Fine tea and fine china at Coffeebon Fine tea and fine china at Coffeebon

Exotic teas and coffees in Limassol 


Grand Aroma (recently renamed Coffeebon) has been offering teas and coffees to Limassolians since 2011, carrying almost 100 kinds of tea from all over the world: China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Ceylon (Sri-Lanka), Indonesia, South Africa, South America and more.


It first opened its doors in Paphos where owner and tea lover Emil was missing good teas back in 2006. The Limassol shop is located in the centre of town just off Anexartisias street. It also has many coffee lovers who come and enjoy their coffee there, choosing from the over 30 kinds of coffee beans available - espresso and filter coffee of various origins, flavoured and decaffeinated coffee, traditional Greek (Cyprus) coffee and of course in summer lots of iced beverages.

The little shop also carries tea and coffee accessories and equipment of well-known brands as well as Japanese porcelain, fine bone china and much more.


Coffeebon, 78 Αthinon, 3040 Limassol. Tel: 25 351600 

As published in The Cyprus Weekly of July 17 2015 

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