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Cyprus landscapes travelling to England

by Julie Adlington Menelaou by Julie Adlington Menelaou

On July 26th and 27th three British artists who have been living in Limassol for many years will exhibit their works depicting Cyprus landscapes at the annual Parallax Art Fair, Europe’s largest artists’ art fair, in London. They share the theme of creating a sense of place and belonging and the idea that they feel attachment to both places - England and Cyprus - which is transmitted through their non-contemporary landscape views of Cyprus. The artists are also connected by a friendship of many years and various exhibitions they have previously participated in together.


Katie Sabry has lived and worked as a full time artist in Limassol for almost 30 years. She will be exhibiting a series of 4 pieces of completely new work, combining the two disciplines she works in; painting and mosaic, entitled 'seashore'. The colours and textures are inspired by the land, sea and sky of Cyprus. The reflection of the glass and the enclosing of each art work is to give the feeling of looking through a window; sparkling sea, textures, bright light, sunshine.

Kelly Norman has been living and working on the island of Cyprus with her Cypriot husband and their 3 children for a decade, but still feels transient between the two places she calls home. These two unlikely places will only come together when placed in a gallery space. "Homelands" is a series of paintings painted in and around the Cypriot and English rural landscape. Her intention is to capture 'the sense of place' through the visual language of the paint.



Julie Menelaou was born and studied in England and has lived and worked in Limassol for the last 25 years. Her recent works are dedicated to an endless journey in a varied palette of oils and mixed media expressing her innermost feelings which she calls her ‘inner painting’ or ‘mind landscaping’. She explored the association of varied dwellings coexisting with the elusive concept of the land - separated from their foundation and time travelling through landscapes disconnected and unaffected by the passage of time.

More info about the exhibition can be found at and the Facebook page Parallax Art Fair. 

As featured in The Cyprus Weekly of July 10th 


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