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Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Cyprus

Children in a Helen O'Grady play Children in a Helen O'Grady play

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy to launch its first pre-school children’s drama programme in Cyprus


Cyprus joins the 22 countries around the globe where Helen O' Grady Academy operates through DOREA Educational Institute, a self-funded non-profit organisation and provider of non-formal education, operating in Cyprus and 6 more EU countries, which is bringing the programme to the island.


Margaret Darley, the Academy’s Training Manager of the UK, has just finished a visit to Cyprus for the initial training in the program of four teachers employed by DOREA. The Introductory children’s courses will be available in Cyprus throughout July at Busy Bees Nursery Center where, as Margaret Darley reports, the team training course and introductory classes were carried out very successfully. The program will be officially launched in September to include more schools and primary school age groups soon.

The Helen O' Grady Academy

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy was founded in Australia in 1979 by television presenter Helen O’Grady who found she too frequently met children who were unable to express themselves on her show. It provides a drama programme for children to help them develop their speech and language skills while boosting their confidence and self esteem. It is now the largest provider of affordable school drama programmes in the world.


Operating in a diversity of schools, the comprehensive creative-arts programme looks to enrich the life of all schools and their children. Using a professional curriculum, the self development programme aims to create and develop the following:  Speech and language skills, confidence and self esteem, enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life, skills in verbal and physical communication, effective social interaction and improvement in listening skills.


More information can be obtained via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: +357 25 256606


Article from the Cyprus Weekly July 3 2015 





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