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In the summertime… in Limassol

It’s that time of year: as temperatures increase, layers of clothes decrease, at times in a rather distressing manner. Yes, there is this idea of loving your body, being proud of it no matter what, but what about your fellow citizens? To wear or not to wear seems to be the question.

And no, I am not talking about that quick trip to the neighbourhood kiosk that we have all taken, somewhat inappropriately dressed, thinking no one would see us (and then probably bumping into a boss, colleague, student…).

I am talking about Limassol’s high streets, where locals and foreigners alike flaunt what deserves being flaunted – and also what should really better remain hidden. The shortest skirts and shorts on the most unsightly legs, the skimpiest tops on the most ‘voluptuous’ bosoms.

How about those lovely, flowing light cotton tops, those wonderfully baggy summer pants and long dresses, I ask? They are just so perfect to show ‘just enough’… I quite like to show my shoulders and calves – the rest: eerrm, no. I know I should not care, and perhaps my opinion is formed through envy of people who have the ‘guts’ to show their assets… or liabilities, as the case may be.


I am among those who are totally on the opposite side of that ‘look-consciousness’ scale. I will vehemently refuse all summer to wear shorts because I could not possibly expose the people around me to the trauma of my no longer super-toned whiteness – therefore obviously creating a vicious cycle of eternal paleness.

But I can live with that, as I am not a big beach/sea lover – which is probably just as well, as even at the beach I feel a certain degree of consideration should exist. I sometimes even find my frequent bike rides along the seafront a little disconcerting.

There is a funny cartoon that reads: ‘How to get a bikini body: Get a body, put on a bikini’. I personally think if you don’t have a bikini body, put on a swimsuit, which is equally simple. I am mostly wondering here, where this liberty to wear or not to wear whatever comes from.

Has this new spiritual awakening that seems to be happening all around given people a super-dose of self-confidence and sense of ‘accept me as I am’, or are we just turning into a society where ‘anything goes’?

I’m not sure if either of them is good or bad, I just feel we should be humbly aware of our appearance and as dress does affect people’s impression of us, we should endeavour to make that impression a positive one. Excessive amounts of wobbly flesh exposed in public do not necessarily do that. But then again, maybe that’s just me and I just need to get over it and/or ignore it – or perhaps what I am missing is that magical mirror that tells me I am the fairest of them all no matter how much flesh is on show.

Article from the Cyprus Weekly, July 3 2015 

Mary Anglberger

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