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Donkey milk makes a splash

at the shop on St. Andrew's Street at the shop on St. Andrew's Street

A shop on Limassol’s St Andrew’s Street has recently opened, selling donkey milk and products made with donkey milk. As it turns out, the goods are being discovered and rediscovered with much enthusiasm. According to the Golden Donkey’s shop assistant Katerina, older Cypriots seem to be especially aware of the health benefits of drinking asses’ milk.

Asses’ milk has been in use for millennia. Some in Cyprus say it was used to replace mother’s milk when this was required. According to the shop, it does not need pasteurising as it has no ‘bad’ bacteria; it is also high in vitamin C and fatty acids. The makers of the products believe donkey milk is good for the skin and has antibacterial and anti-ageing properties.

Donkey’s milk is naturally high in calcium, zinc and iron and effective in the support of bones, joints, the heart, and especially appreciated by older people. The list of benefits goes on. On the day the Cyprus Weekly visited, already 20 bottles of donkey milk had been sold that morning.

The donkey farm
The products in the shop come from their Golden Donkey Farm in Skarinou – a family business that was established because of the owner’s love of Cyprus traditions and the wish to protect the Cyprus donkey. A female ass produces between 200ml to 300ml of milk a day. The farm also grows various herbs used in their cosmetics and olives for their locally produced olive oil. All are sold at the little shop on the eastern side of St. Andrew’s Street.

The shop was actually opened to facilitate the purchase of donkey milk for the farm’s regular customers living in town. It now sells a full range of donkey milk products including chocolate made with donkey milk and stevia, donkey milk liqueur and body care products including soaps, creams and serums.
The shop manager Katerina actually started working there after a visit to the farm. She had been working with skin care products and was so impressed by the donkey milk products that she can now enthusiastically share her knowledge and experience with customers.

“Everyone who comes in will walk out having bought ‘a little something’ as our products are so rare,” she says. Visitors can try any of the products and are likely to walk out excited about their discovery of the use of donkey milk.
More information can be found at, their Facebook page or by calling 99346463.

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