Friday, 22 May 2015 12:59

Cyprus University of Technology academic staff wishes to distance itself from recent scandals

A 'burning issue' I have just written about in The Cyprus Weekly: With the recent series of financial scandals surrounding the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) its academic staff is eager to distance itself from it. During a conversation with The Cyprus Weekly, the President of the Academic Staff Union at CUT, Michael Sirivianos, points out that the University’s Academic Staff and the Administration are separate entities and that the approximately 170 of the academic staff are not involved in any of the incidents involving mismanagement of funds, buildings and power. The academic staff is responsible for quality research and effective dissemination of its results - something that is being achieved very successfully.  The process of knowledge creation through research and the process of knowledge dissemination through teaching and technology transfers to the industry are tightly coupled and one cannot be carried out without the other. CUT, which was opened in 2004 and is run independently since 2012, now counts around 3000 students and has been seeing excellent educational results. It aims to place itself among the top 500 universities in the world in the years to come. For this, high quality research and high quality staff are needed - they in return need a proper environment to do their work. ‘With the upcoming first-time elections of a rector and two vice rectors at the end of 2015, the staff is hopeful to be able to improve the university’s image and culture.  It is important that the public understands that the misappropriation of funds is not linked to the academic staff who have actually been helping the authorities do their job of unveiling any cases of mismanagement’, says Sirivianos. ‘The university has brought life and money to Limassol and Limassol has done a lot for the university and for a healthy academic environment transparent cooperation is needed. The CUT’s academics have all experienced university life abroad and are aware that everyone is needed to contribute in their field of expertise. Micromanagement and ineffective bureaucracy is not the way to go as the proper personnel needs to be in the proper places, respecting everyone’s specific knowledge. It is with this attitude that the CUT will be able to move forward and achieve the success it is aiming for’ concludes the President of the Union.  

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