Friday, 01 May 2015 18:20

The joy of meeting awe-inspiring people

We all meet awesome people - awesome in different ways and inspiring to different people, but at a time when we’ve all done our share of globetrotting and ‘people meeting’ it becomes harder to impress us - without any inclinations of being standoffish. I always find I am the most impressed by really humble people, by people who don’t have to say much and yet you sense they are one in a million. Possibly because even though I would never brag and really do have comparatively little to say about my self, I do not mind my share of limelight and will happily tell you all about those things I am proud of or, actually, most often, just really excited about.

There are those people whom you talk to, and you become more and more quiet as you realize ‘Oh wow, in the ‘real world’, this person would be celebrated as a full-fleshed 'super star'’. In many ways, Cyprus is not the real world which probably explains why today I got to sit for two hours - which felt like ten minutes - with the acclaimed dancer, choreographer and teacher Lambros Lambrou. Someone who has been travelling the world during most of his life, who after studying at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London, moved to Canada to receive the Alberta Excellence Award in Dance and then moved on to founding the professional program for the Alberta Ballet School.lambros 003

He spent his life working with the world’s famous dancers, in prestigious dance houses and operas, creating ballets, choreographing performances that went on to receive standing ovations at the Bolshoi Theatre... and here I am, in Limassol, Cyprus, getting to have coffee with Lambros Lambrou, listening ‘only’ to the stories of young Cypriot dancers whom he is so thankful to have been able to help reach for their dreams and move to the big dance schools and stages of this world through his work here as the Director of the Limassol Municipal Dance Centre which opened in 2006. My recent post of him in the social media is currently receiving an accolade of comments of admiration, respect and gratitude by former students and fellow professionals from around the world. And there is Lambros, acting as if all his great achievements are ‘nothing to write home about’ while really: they should be turned into a book! It is exactly this notion of not looking for recognition but for the opportunity to share one’s passion and skills to enrich the lives of others that will forever continue to ‘floor’ me. My life has certainly been enriched by the sheer pleasure of getting to meet him and the hope and honor of possibly becoming good friends with this incredible awe inspiring humble man.

Mary Anglberger

I’ve been travelling the world for over 20 years teaching English and am now taking time to follow my passion for photography and writing. I want to share all the things, events and people that have inspired and inspire me and spread those positive vibes all around.

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