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What makes a good food photo so delicious to the eye?

My computer must feel pretty lucky as its ‘stomach’ is filled with thousands and thousands of food photos thanks to my over 100 events at Mary’s Dinner Club. And as I am searching for that one single favorite food photo, I am trying to figure out: What makes a good food photo? What makes it  so ‘tasty to look at’.

Was the beauty there before you took your food photo?

In my case I wonder: is the beauty of a food photo created  by the memories of a delicious meal it brings back? Is it the thought of having made something delicious which will be able to please the guests? Was the beauty there before the photo or did the food photo bring out the beauty that had been invisible before? I can’t decide…

What skills does one need to take a good food photo?

I am still learning and have recently taken a very insightful course at 6x6 Centre for Photography but while my photos are getting better with each day, there’s still lots of room for improvement and many shots are still merely the product of sheer luck. Of some things  I take only one shot  and it turns out so beautifully I can hardly believe it myself. Of some ingredients/dishes I try and try, taking dozens of shots and none of them will show what I want to see.

The little voices in a food photo

As I am flipping through my innumerable pictures though, I feel like each food photo speaks to me in its little voice and actually has a feel to it. Was the ‘feel’ there before and attracted me or did I take the picture and created that ‘feel’ I wanted to interpret onto it? See if you ‘feel’ my pictures,  listen in to see if you hear the same voices…

On of my favorite food photos … something so glamorous, decadent, indulgent in it. And I still remember the luxurious touch those nuts added to that salad.

food photo

My most satisfying food photo – is it because it looks like a quilt of deliciousness you want crawl under? Is the idea of the sugary, buttery leaves of pastry melting on your tongue?

food photo

My most cheerful food photo – I always think those sprouts must be so happy once they’ve made their way out into the daylight

food photo

My most surprising food photo - I was ‘just playing’ with a dinner of leftovers, happy about the little blob of mango chutney I had found that was now all of a sudden looking so spectacular

food photo

My sexiest food photo - I had not paid attention to the light and had had no intention at all of taking a photo until I realized how sensuous those tomatoes looked sitting there on that black counter top

food photo

Food photography is obviously an art that takes years of practice and lots of training, but one needs to start somewhere to get that perfect food photo. I found this book Food Photography: From Snap Shots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young really attractive in its detailed yet simple explanations of some basics of food photography.

nd of course there’s always the thought that looking at great food photos will let some of their beauty infiltrate into your skin and hopefully you’ll be able to transmit some of it onto your next food photo.  Here a blog with some great shots.

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