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Rocket salad recipes

‘Eruca sativa’ commonly known as or rocket, or arugula as you may know it, has lately turned into a fashionable lettuce leaf, but was actually popular until about 300 years ago – especially in Britain. It does not quite deserve its reputation of a fancy salad leaf as it grows easily and will actually take over your vegetable patch if not watched.

The flavor is peppery, but its pungency varies according to the specific variety. Rocket leaves can be long and rounded, or small and feathery. It grows small flowers which are  edible too and great for salads.

I actually always knew rocket as rucola and considered it a bit of an exclusive ingredient in salads as in many countries it is more expensive than most other kinds of lettuce. A rocket salad recipe had not been in my files so I was thrilled when I moved to Cyprus to find out it is one of the cheapest salads on the market here. The leaves are quite big and coarse and the flavor wonderfully strong – almost spicy. I often use them for decorating dishes at Mary’s Dinner Club.

Some Mediterranean dishes use rocket cooked, but it is most commonly eaten raw. It is often served alongside grilled meats, poultry and seafood, on top of  pizza or tossed into pasta. It also makes wonderful pesto and tastes great with most any kind of cheese – the possibilities for rocket salad recipes really are endless.

rocket salad recipe

Some ideas for your rocket salad recipe

Rocket goes beautifully with

    fruit like pears, apples (sour), melon, nectarines, dried fruit and berries, pomegranate, fresh or frozen raspberries, figs, oranges or grapefruitcheeses like blue cheese, Parmesan, cheddar, goat cheese, feta, halloumi, or milder kinds like Emmental, mozzarella, brie or Edamseeds and nuts – especially glazed walnuts are amazingcooked meats and fish – chicken, tuna, prosciutto, turkey, chicken liver, prawnsbeans – chick peas, black or read beans, fava beans, lentilsother vegetables – sweet corn, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, cherry tomatoes, avocadoother – couscous, eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta

For dressings with your rocket salad recipe try strong flavors like Dijon dressing, balsamic, honey-mustard, roasted garlic, blue cheese

Ideas for ingredients for a warm rocket salad recipe: try with squash, pumpkin, carrot, beetroot, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, couscous, (wild) rice

Choose your own rocket salad recipe

Squash-rocket salad recipe : Bake a butternut squash, cut into long wedges and serve with mozzarella and a vinegar-honey-roast garlic dressing

Lentil – rocket salad recipe : Cook lentils in broth with fried onion and garlic, add rocket, fresh parsley and a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, lemon zest salt and pepper

Raspberry – walnut – rocket salad recipe : Arrange rinsed rocket on a plate and top with glazed walnuts, warm raspberries and balsamic cream

Pear-sunflower seed – rocket salad : Arrange rinsed rocket on a plate and top with sliced pears (fresh or canned), sunflower seeds and a sweet honey-mustard dressing

Italian pasta – rocket salad : Cook, rinse and cool pasta and mix with cherry tomatoes, sliced Parmesan, fresh thyme and rocket serve with a lemon-olive oil dressing

For more rocket salad recipe ideas see this extensive list 

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