Tuesday, 22 October 2013 21:45

Can I take your picture? The beauty of food photography

Food photography - it’s a fascinating world of its own, a multi-million dollar industry, and an ever growing one. Only now that I have started proper photography lessons and that I take more pictures than ever for my blog I understand the whole dimension of  it.

Social media theses days is flooded with food photos and the rather questionable quality of many of them goes to shows that people just love their food, capturing it, sharing it… I however, am starting to become a bit of a perfectionist.

To me food photgraphy it’s becoming a passion - not to call it obsession. My kitchen is filled with props, different colored napkins, placemats… I can no longer sit down to eat something without getting my camera out. In fact, I can barely was my lettuce in the sink without getting a few shots of the water droplets on the leaves. There’s just so much beauty in food!

I’m still a bit weary of the technical side, but obviously there’s lots of help out there and I can indulge in the beauty of food photos - even if they are used for tutorial purposes - for hours.  For example there’s a ‘Digital photography school’ with great insights, tips and ideas.

Some of the most beautiful food sites I’ve come across recently include

Food & Wine 

Smitten kitchen 

What’s for lunch Honey? 

Food 52 

And obviously there’s Yummly which should really only be looked at when you have lots of time.

I’ve also 'met' a really inspiring and likeable young food photographer and blogger named Marc Matsumoto who’s great fun to watch and obvioulsy has lots to share.

I obviously constantly dive into (and stay in) recipe books. Having lived in Africa for a long time, one that has particularly touched me is The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa by Marcus Samuelson

And while it does take a lot of time to properly and beautifully - ‘document’ a meal you are cooking, it is also great fun and very inspiring. You’ll never look at your food the same way - try it! Or if nothing else, join me on my journey to perfect food photos!

Mary Anglberger

I’ve been travelling the world for over 20 years teaching English and am now taking time to follow my passion for photography and writing. I want to share all the things, events and people that have inspired and inspire me and spread those positive vibes all around.

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