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The beauty of chives

The beauty of chives Photo: Soonn, freedigitalphotos.net

Chives -   the smallest species of the edible onions - is a perennial plant and native to  Europe, Asia and North America. Chives have a mild onion/garlic flavor and are generally widely available. You'll find them cut and packed, frozen, dried or in little pots for you to grow on your window sill or in your garden. A slightly stronger Chinese version - garlic chives - is used in Asian cuisine.

Growing up in chive friendly Austria

In many European households chives are kept in gardens and on window sills. Growing up in Austria I remember having fresh chives in our garden from spring to autumn and frozen ones during the rest of the year. I have since grown my own wherever possible, but found they’ll never measure up to the chives my mom grew. Thick and healthy and flavorful they were usually cut literally when the food was on the plates, ready to be served - mostly on salads and in soups.

The only ‘chive regret’ I have, is that my mom probably did not know that the flowers are also edible - they are pretty and also delicious. The separated petals strewn over your favorite food look and taste stunning.

Imagine the beauty of chive blossom vinegar!

More creative uses of chives

The most common uses are in soups, salads, dips and with on baked potatoes, but consider these exciting possibilities with chives:

  • In oils, pesto, herb butter
  • In breads, quiches and pancakes
  • On eggs, on pasta
  • On fish, meat
  • In stir fries and risottos

The stems and the flowers are also very decorative - canapés with fresh dips and chives or chive flowers will please any party crowd.

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If you'd like a complete guide to chives, have a look at  ‘All about chives’ 

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