Sunday, 23 June 2013 22:23

Cooking Jordanian upside down food

A Jordanian English student of mine had made me curious about their cuisine and I was thrilled when he agreed to come as a guest speaker to a dinner club. I was intrigued when he recommended I make a dish called 'Maqluba' which is served upside down.

The making of it was pretty straight forward and I had fun layering the cauliflower, aubergine, chicken, garlic and yellow rice. I was also pretty confident about the measures of liquid and rice and even followed some last minute advice given  via Facebook to wrap the pot in kitchen towels while letting it set.

Now I did become nervous when it came to the 'flipping part'. I tried this and that position of pot and hands and serving plate and then finally asked a Syrian guest to come 'give me a hand' - literally.  Result: the vegetables, chicken and rice all came out in one piece, nicely layered and looked great! It turns out many of their dishes are served that way hence she was all calm about the little acrobatic culinary action.

It tasted lovely and I may even be tempted do do some more food flipping in the near future.


Mary Anglberger

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