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Summer time living

I’ve been known to regularly share a picture on social media of Batman slapping Robin who is getting ready to complain that “It’s ho…!” His reply: “It’s summer!”

While I do agree that it’s hot and humid outside and that some days are just difficult, I do believe this is ‘the price we pay’ for living on a Mediterranean island.

Maybe it’s because I used to live in Sub-Saharan West Africa, but I am lucky enough not to mind the heat too much. I get on my bike, complain a bit about air conditioning making me feel really cold as my clothes are slightly damp at the best of times, and then just get on with it.

I see all those Facebook posts on how unbearable it is, and I am reminded of a friend’s story.

She had ‘partied hard’, could not even remember at what time she’d got home, but the next day just went to work, getting on with it.

She did not feel tired at all until a colleague said “Can you believe we only went home at 5 am!” She immediately started feeling really tired and hung-over.

Is it all just mind over matter?

Maybe not for the older people, those overweight, with breathing and other health issues, but still, continuously complaining and talking about it won’t make things any cooler, on the contrary we will actually perceive it to be hotter than it is!

It’s not like we did not expect it. Summers in Cyprus just tend to be hot, and we might as well accept it as we are being warned that, with global warming, the whole Mediterranean region will experience even higher temperatures.

When people act all surprised, even outraged at another ‘unexpected’ (?) heat wave, I always think of Austria where every year in late autumn, traffic will invariably collapse for at least one day because no one’s ready i.e. has put their winter tyres on. The first snows hit the ground and everyone will act really surprised even though central European countries have been getting their first snow in late autumn since the beginning of time.

I also read forecasts and statements on Facebook that have me check various weather websites and usually find nothing anywhere near the announced temperatures.

Especially those pictures showing 50 degrees, taken of dashboard thermometers after the car has been parked with closed windows in the full mid-day sun for hours are misleading. Clearly, this is not the actual outside temperature which obviously feels different, depending on whether you are sitting in a shady park or walking on the hot pavement with no shade at all.

Maybe just staying realistic and ‘cool’ – literally and figuratively – will make the whole summer more pleasant. “Let’s enjoy this, because, before we know it, we’ll be complaining about it being too cold,” one person recently stated quite correctly.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of August 5th 2016 

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