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Going under the hammer

 Managing Director and main shareholder Stelios Ioannides. Managing Director and main shareholder Stelios Ioannides.

Art lovers will be treated to an extravaganza of modern art during an auction at Limassol’s Curium Palace Hotel on June 23 by Kapopoulos Auction House.

This year, the auction house’s special objective is to attract an even wider audience by offering an extensive selection of styles and schools, from classic pieces to street art, featuring several new names.

“We want to make people understand, that one does not have to buy anything at an art auction,” says the Managing Director and main shareholder Stelios Ioannides.

“Visiting an art auction is a unique experience, an exciting way of enjoying art and learning more about it. It is like a free museum visit, with over 100 paintings by almost as many painters from all over the world being shown in one evening.”

Auctioneer Vaggelis Kapopoulos is known for his exciting and humorous command of the auctions and always makes sure everyone feels part of the event.

Bids start as low as €300 and ‘offers’ starting even lower are always included, to make the artwork available to everyone.

Also, there are always ‘special surprises’ with no minimum bid to create interest and invite people to start bidding. “And if people don’t want to bid, they just sit and watch. It is a fun event and everybody leaves happy.”

Kapopoulos Auction House is well-known among Cyprus art lovers; it has been holding auctions in Limassol and Nicosia since its creation in 2008, making it the first to introduce art auctions to Cyprus.

It is the result of business cooperation and friendship between the well-known Greek auctioneer, Vaggelis Kapopoulos and the Limassol entrepreneur and art collector Stelios Ioannides, son of the late Cypriot painter Victor Ioannides.

New galleries in Nicosia and Limassol

A Kapopoulos Fine Art Gallery opened earlier this year in Nicosia and a gallery in Limassol is in the planned, adding to the chain of galleries existing in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Spetses and Patmos, allowing more fine art to be displayed in Cyprus as well.

Another Kapopoulos gallery has recently opened in London in cooperation with an English gallery to further enlarge the network.

According to Stelios Ioannides, the galleries’ main target is to create stronger artistic ties between Greece and Cyprus and to introduce the respective artists and audiences to each other, as well as host cultural events.
The galleries will remain in contact with artists and art lovers in between auctions which usually take place two to three times per year.

“An art auction is a bit like an art stock exchange,” explains the art collector. “It helps establish the importance and value of a painter and our galleries will help us promote artists we are collaborating with. They will also be available for solo and group exhibitions,” he adds.

Art will also be sold via a depot and include various styles – mainly contemporary artists from 1930 onwards who are already established, but also a small number of old masters and, of course, young artists who are believed to have potential.

Works from Cyprus and Europe at auction 

The artwork for the auction will be exhibited to the public on June 22, 10am-9pm and on June 23, 10am – 1pm at Curium Palace Hotel’s Chevalier Room.

The actual auction will take place on June 23 at 8pm.

Works under auction are by Greek artists such as Alekos Fassianos and Costas Tsoklis and Greek old masters Constantinos Maleas and Georgios Iacovides. Cypriot artists include Andreas Makariou and Andros Efstathiou and old masters Victor Ioannides and Stelios Votsis, while other European artists include names like Benjamin Spark and Benoit Pare and Russian artists Alexander Lozovoy and Valiry Kharitinov.

More information and an online catalogue can be found at and via the Facebook page Kapopoulos Auction House Cyprus. The auction house can be contacted at 25359458.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of June 17th 2016 

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