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Down by the boardwalk

Limassol's seafront Limassol's seafront

It’s that time of the year when temperatures are simply perfect and there is a place in Limassol where people sure know how to enjoy them.

This week I ended up down at Limassol’s seaside park on my bicycle during what literally seemed like ‘rush hour’. I knew it got busy, but I had no idea it gets like THAT.

It was 6.30pm on a weeknight and the place was buzzing. People were walking, running, skating, cycling, standing around, sitting… the liveliest mix of activities I have seen in a long time.

I actually had to ‘get somewhere’ and quickly abandoned my initial plan of riding along the water – something that is theoretically not allowed anyway, as a special bike path has been built along the grassy area nearer the road.
But I had to stand there for a while and gawk.

The array of sports outfits and body shapes and fitness levels was mind boggling – like a mismatched fashion show. Big, slim, fit, unfit… but everyone seemed on a mission. Somehow the atmosphere was livelier than at any bar, restaurant or event.

Everyone and everything seemed to be moving, plenty of children jumping around in between.

Many chatting, others on their own, either wearing meditative or determined looks on their faces as they were walking, running, skating along the gorgeous backdrop of the sea, green areas and sculptures all bathed in the early evening light.

I was looking at a Limassol I had not seen before as I was looking at a fusion of people I had never seen before. All those different ages and backgrounds were united in their effort to enjoy the surroundings and ‘do something healthy’.

For once I did not notice the clusters of nationalities I usually tend to spot. True, people still stuck together in groups, but somehow they felt bonded in their enjoyment of the outdoors and the closeness to the sea.

There was the childlike laughter of Asians, the playful laughter of Indians, the loud laughter of Cypriots, the almost unnoticeable laughter of Eastern Europeans; the invisible laughter of veiled Arab women… all blending in the air as if nationality does not matter – because really it doesn’t.

Surely if all it takes for people to blend so well is the shared love for the outdoors and some form of physical activity, we need more of it.

Maybe apart from having done a great job creating such a pleasant space, the Limassol Municipality now needs to come up with some sort of ‘rule’ for everyone to go down there to enjoy the seaside promenade regularly and ‘just all get along’.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of May 20th 2016 

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