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One stop medical site

Marta Nicolaou, the woman behind 'Know your doctor' Marta Nicolaou, the woman behind 'Know your doctor'

Marta and Leon Nicolaou were inspired to create the online medical directory ‘Know your Doctor’ ( when Marta was pregnant with their first child four years ago.

Marta is originally from Poland and moved to Cyprus with her husband seven years ago from the UK, where they were used to finding a lot of medical information online. The difficulties the young mother encountered in finding a doctor she felt comfortable with in Cyprus, motivated her to share useful and honest information with others who may also be struggling.

Three years of work

Over the last three years, the couple (who both work full time) spent every free minute they could find on building a professional and comprehensive website which was launched at the end of 2015. According to the duo, several other directories have sprung up since then, but with much less information and a less elaborate layout.

“We did a lot of research and contacted all concerned authorities to make sure it is all in compliance with the Cyprus law,” explains Marta. They have recently also been endorsed by the Cyprus Dental Association, allowing dentists to be featured on the site.

“We have enjoyed working on ‘our third baby’ and are continuing to improve and enlarge it and hope that many will find our site useful,” adds Marta.

In one place

In addition to a listing of over 500 doctors, the site also features useful information such as after-hours pharmacies, contact numbers for hospitals, private clinics, health centres, doctors on call, ambulances and other important numbers. It also includes a search tool for A-Z diseases and conditions with references to articles approved by the UK National Health Service.

For doctors there are two different membership plans. ‘Silver’ membership is free and allows health professionals to enter the basic contact information. ‘Gold’ membership includes several online features and allows members to create a full professional profile so that patients can ‘Know their Doctor’ prior to their appointment.

“Our vision is to continue growing and become the biggest online health professional database in Cyprus so that in the future anyone will have quick access to a complete directory of doctors, dentists and clinics and see relevant feedback about them ahead of a visit,” says Marta Nicolaou.

With an increasing number of people relying on the internet for information, listing reliable medical information online certainly seems the way forward.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of April 15, 2016 

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