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Following the road to fame

Cynthia Zietara - a natural Cynthia Zietara - a natural

Cynthia Zietara is not your typical teenager: no nervous giggling, no fear of conversation. She smiles a lot, but in a very serene way: in that Edith Piaf manner (a singer who happens to be one of her favourites). Even though she likes all kinds of music, French chanson and jazz are among her favourites.

Cynthia was born in Limassol of Polish background and is a student at St Mary’s School. She speaks Greek, English and Polish but is also lear-ning French and Ita-lian and is taking sin-ging lessons with the locally known music teacher Christos Kyriakos.

The very tall, long-haired girl has also taken acting lessons, which shows in her confident demeanour — though she admits she used to be really shy. She started piano lessons at six, which is when she discovered that she can sing.

She shares the story of her many talents with the Cyprus Weekly in a most humble, matter-of-fact way, with her cheerful mother sitting by, listening with the occasional proud nod. At school, Cynthia is a talented student, who loves science and rea-ding and thinks she may want to become a writer or astrophysicist. She shares that she has only a small circle of friends who also ‘live in the world of music’.

A close-knit family
The Zietara family is a closely-knit family with two children: Cynthia and her six-year-old brother. Cynthia’s father is a painter and used to play in a Polish band. He is also Cynthia’s coach, mentor and friend, as she explains, who teaches her about stage presence; she says he is also her most candid critic.
Mother Monika, works in the shipping industry and is Cynthia’s hero for having come to the island to work as a tourist guide and having worked her way up. Another key person in the young talent’s life was her grandmother, whose passing stirred a lot of emotions in Cynthia — along with an even stronger desire to sing.

The mother is the practical person in the family and the one who looks up competitions online for their daughter to participate in, to practise and show her talent and who manages Cynthia’s social media accounts as Cynthia does not want to be online herself.

Travel and school
The young singer has performed in Macedonia and is getting ready to sing in Poland and Sicily. In the summer she will perform in Long Beach, California in the World Championship of Performing Arts. She has also just been accepted for the second round of auditions of the UK Open Mic International Singing Competition which she entered with Mariah Carey’s ‘Without You’.

She has recently sung on CyBC TV and is also the Teen Ambassador for the NGO ‘Sing with your Heart’, an organisation supporting patients with congenital heart defects with a focus on teenager and adults.
For now she cannot participate in many events as they often require participants to be 16, but she is happy to combine her school life with occasional travels and regular singing lessons and practice.
“I try not to plan too much as there is a lot of luck involved in today’s show business, but I certainly believe in myself and really enjoy what I’m doing.”

Art auction 
Currently the family is focusing on raising funds for Cynthia’s journey to the US, where her father will accompany her to participate in the World Championship of Performing Arts. For the trip, he will be auctioning off his latest paintings during an event on April 1 to be held at Mantra Terra Lounge Restaurant in Limassol at 6pm.

Cynthia will also perform during the evening, which will be hosted by the renowned jazz singer and journalist Sarah Fenwick. Fenwick says she is very happy to support such amazing young talent through her Cyprus Jazz and Blues Association.

Cynthia’s songs can be found on YouTube and details for the upcoming performance and art auction are available via her Facebook page and via her mother Monika Zietara, who wants to invite the public to come and enjoy this unique evening. Tel 97 700636 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Article as features in The Cyprus Weekly of March 25, 2016


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