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BMX fan-boy now “bicycle legend”

Adonis Michaelides Adonis Michaelides

Limassolian Adonis Michaelides says he “basically grew up on a bike”; he now dedicates his time to teaching children a love for the two wheels.

Michaelides first got into BMX riding back in the early ’80s, when the bikes had not yet arrived in Cyprus.

“I used to do all those crazy tricks on a regular bicycle,” he laughs, “which was obviously much harder.” His lifelong love of bikes has seen him gather an impressive collection of various kinds, including several old bikes.

Michaelides eventually got his beloved BMX, bought for him by his grandmother in 1988.

At 16, he travelled to Nicosia to participate in his first bike competition and – to his big surprise – won. In the early ’90s, he joined as one of the first and youngest members of the newly-formed Limassol Bike Club. He and his friends toured Cyprus with the club, initially still on their BMX bikes.

Known for his clever bicycle tricks, people started to contact him for kid’s parties, disco evenings and other events. Now in his early 40s, many are surprised to discover that Michaelides still knows all these tricks today.

A school to share his passion

The idea of forming his ‘Adonis Bike Academy’ came naturally, as his friends often asked him to teach their children how to ride a bike. In fact, his friends call him a “bicycle legend”. He now meets children of any age on Saturday mornings within the safety of Lanitio Lyceum’s school grounds. “It is ideal,” he says “there are no cars and different terrains for the kids to practise on: the street, pavements, gravel, dirt, small hills, stairs…”

Adonis is a teacher for mixed bikes and certified by the Cyprus Cycling Federation.

“I know a lot about cycling and have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge,” he explains. He is also a certified lifeguard and first-aid instructor (which reassures worried parents). In his classes, he teaches riding on paved and dirt roads, off-road, doing tricks and, of course, road safety, traffic rules and health tips for bikers. He also offers individual lessons, as older kids are often embarrassed to be around others when learning. His group lessons focus on road safety and confident riding, but Adonis also teaches BMX riding as he’s an experienced ‘old school’ BMX rider. Children join his classes, which he started in September 2015, for different periods of time “If they like tricks, the things I can teach them are indefinite. And I can help preparing for competitions.” he says.

Encouraging people to ride

Even though he feels Limassol does need more bike paths and drivers do need to change their attitude towards bike riders, the sports fan encourages people to get on their bikes.

As for his school, he is working on several exciting projects, which he was not ready to share at the time of the interview. Meanwhile, learning about safe bike riding seems a good option.

For details, ‘Adonis Bike Academy’ can be contacted via Facebook or at 99 649851.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of Feb 19, 2016 

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