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Prosecco on tap for a perfect party treat

Prosecco on draft Prosecco on draft

Sparkling wine is a popular drink, often associated with cheerfulness and parties. Limassol resident Andrea Rossi, who comes from the North Italian town of Rimini has decided to add some sparkle to Cyprus’ parties with his ‘alla spina’ (on draft) Prosecco.

Rossi moved to Limassol just over four years ago with his Cypriot wife Elena and had been looking for a gap in the market that would allow him to bring a bit of Italy to the island.

And he found one – a bubbling gap so to speak: he has been serving his sparkling wine to partygoers and event guests all over the island since February.

Not all that sparkles is Prosecco

With a new nickname of ‘Mister Prosecco’, Rossi explains that not all Italian sparkling wines are Prosecco. The word Prosecco actually indicates the area the wine comes from. Other popular sparkling wines are Asti and Lambrusco, but as he himself hails from Italy’s north-eastern Prosecco region of Veneto, his local sparkling tipple was the obvious choice for him.

The new concept of quality Italian sparkling wine on draft means that there is no schlepping, chilling and recycling of bottles, as Rossi supplies 20-litre canisters of white or rosé and a portable draft machine. The machine comes with a compressor for chilling and one for the air – thus assuring perfectly chilled and always fresh and bubbly wine.

There is no wastage as Alla Spina is even re-sealable and can be used for the next party – something that has proven especially popular with small bars and restaurants. At the moment, Rossi has some of his 15 draft machines at bars and runs a one-man show, but is hoping to soon be busy enough to expand.

Making partying easy

The cheerful Italian used to work in the fashion industry and still travels to fashion events, but he is more than happy to personally serve his sparkling gold at any party. He loves meeting people and is frequently the ‘special guest’ at Russian and British parties and events.

The results of his initial market research within his Cypriot family circle had proven less successful but ‘Mister Prosecco’ is confident that they, too, will soon come around. “Alla Spina makes partying very easy,” he laughs.

Andrea Rossi can be contacted via his Facebook page Alla Spina or on 99728992.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of December 25, 2015 


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