Sunday, 20 December 2015 09:30

New linear park opens

Earlier this month, Limassol’s new linear park along the riverbed of the Garyllis river was inaugurated by Agriculture Minister Nikos Kouyialis.

The EU-funded project, which had been included in the programming period 2007-2013, was carried out by the Limassol Municipality and the Municipality of Kato Polemidia. It was part of a programme for the regeneration of urban and rural areas and the promotion of entrepreneurship, carried out at a cost of approximately €14 million.

The beautification of the forked riverbed covers a distance of 5.5 kilometres from Limassol’s old port to the northern border of the municipality of Lower Polemidia and the southern fork from the Second Technical School to Ayias Fylaxeos road west of the Laniteio stadium.

The river Garyllis crosses the city of Limassol and in winter flows north to south, protecting a large part of the city from the flooding heavy downpours can bring. The riverbed had in recent years been neglected and has now been transformed from an eyesore into a green stretch, reviving and protecting the river’s natural environment.

“It is good to see these areas so changed, adding more green space and new areas for relaxation and fitness for Limassolians,” says the project’s architect Lenia Berou.

The linear park runs right next to the river where its width allows and features a continuous network of pedestrian and cycling paths, playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment. Aiming to visually and functionally connect the river with the residential areas they traverse, bridges have been renovated, walls on the slopes of the river constructed, irrigation and lighting systems installed, and trees, shrubs and flowers planted, adding a fresh touch to central parts of Limassol.

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