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Recycling is becoming more popular in Cyprus Recycling is becoming more popular in Cyprus

With new EU directives making recycling mandatory and the question of waste management becoming ever more pressing, Cyprus as well will have to follow suit.

The separate collection of paper materials, glass, plastic and metal has been compulsory for all EU member states since January 2015. In this context, Limassol’s municipalities are in the process of raising awareness and adopting regulations that make recycling mandatory for all.

On October 29, a new campaign promoting recycling was launched in collaboration with Green Dot Cyprus during a press conference which saw the participation of all the Mayors of the municipalities of Limassol. The campaign, which will be completed in 2016, aims to inform citizens on the importance of recycling.


School visits and a festival

Measures include the distribution of leaflets, the hosting of a festival of the Environment and Recycling on November 7 and presentations at primary schools.

Around 90,000 leaflets informing locals of the benefits of recycling and reminding citizens how to properly separate waste have been printed and will be distributed to all households and businesses of the Limassol municipalities in the coming weeks.

A part was distributed on October 31 by mayors and municipal councillors in their respective areas to encourage the public to participate in the recycling programmes.

The health inspectors of each municipality with the help of Green Dot Cyprus will also organise presentations at primary schools in each municipality on the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.


Festival of the Environment and Recycling

The festival will take place on November 7 from 11 am until 5pm on the west side of Limassol’s Molos and aims to be informative, educational and entertaining with booths of various organisations informing the public about issues related to the environment.

Educational games will offer children the opportunity to learn about recycling while playing and being entertained by clowns and magicians. Food and drinks will be available at affordable prices, encouraging all to attend. The festival, which has been successfully held in Nicosia over the past five years to crowds of 10,000 people, is free of charge. Throughout the day, clothing and food items will be collected for those in need.


Recycle to save money

In his speech at a recent event, Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou, thanked the municipalities, sponsors, participants and partners and encouraged everyone to support the outlined efforts to improve the city and country.

“Recycling is one of the key environmental actions that needs to become a way of life. The participation rate in recycling needs to increase significantly and the program be embraced even more widely.”

The mayor estimated that with the operation of the new environmentally friendly waste management plant in Pentakomo, the cost per household (and hence garbage tax) is set to increase over the next two years if the amounts of waste produced per household do not lessen.

“Proper management of our waste can contribute to cost-saving for the municipality and the citizens and the population’s active participation in recycling is one of the key ways to achieve this,” he concluded his speech.


Green Dot Cyprus

Green Dot Cyprus, a non-profit organisation founded in 2006 on the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, is the first packaging and packaging waste management system in Cyprus. It started with four people working in the network and today counts over 200 staff members; with over 50 shareholders, Green Dot Cyprus now cooperates with 900 companies island-wide. 
While Cyprus may still lag behind in recycling, headway has been made as the population’s participation in sorting waste has gone from 0% in 2007 to 55% in 2014.

From one waste managing system in 2006, Green Dot Cyprus has gone to three managing systems in 2009. Package recycling has gone from 8,000 tonnes in 2007 to 45,000 tonnes in 2014 (about 50% of what is put on the market) and the total of 290,000 tonnes of packaging waste recycled in eight years represents 250,000m3 of landfill space saved.

More information and instructions for correct recycling can be found at and and via the free mobile application ‘ReCycling CY’.

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