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Improving language skills through subsidised courses

With the economy slowly picking up and Cyprus being increasingly involved with international businesses, language skills are becoming more important than ever. Offering good quality and affordable language courses certainly seems a useful tool to help meet the current economy’s needs.


The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), a semi-government organisation, has continuously been upgrading the country’s human resources by offering subsidisation for various courses for employees. These courses also include language courses which can be run by providers who have followed a submission process.


Applicants submit a form to the course provider, confirming their employer’s interest in the improvement of certain skills and an 80% subsidisation can be obtained. Unemployed individuals can apply for 100% subsidised courses. The process is fairly simple and the programs have been very successful with thousands of participants improving their professional skills each year.

One institute which has been an active partner of the HRDA since 2006 and which has since organized over one hundred language courses, is Interlead Foreign Language Experts, a private language school founded in 1994 in Limassol and located on 100, Ayias Phylaxeos Street. The centre offers subsidised Business English, General English, Russian and Greek as Foreign Language courses starting at the beginning of October. Details can be obtained via their Facebook page Interlead Foreign Language Centre or via 25 338522.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of September 25 2015 



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