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Diving among sunken ships off the coast of Limassol

Diving among sunken ships off the coast of Limassol



Cyprus offers an ideal diving environment with no strong currents, clean water and no aggressive marine life. Limassol has several dive centres and under the umbrella of the Cyprus Dive Centres Association they have all been working to bring more sea life back into the local sea. Artificial reefs are being created and ships sunken in order to promote marine life and create protected areas for breeding. In February 2014, two vessels were sunk in Limassol, 'Lady Thetis', a 31-meter cruise vessel, built in 1953 and 'Constandis', a 23-meter bottom trawler, built in the former Soviet Union in 1989.



Aloha Dive Centre is one of the centres offering regular tours to the wrecks. Located on the main seafront road on the edge of the tourist area it has direct access to Dasoudi beach and offers introdives, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses, snorkelling/boat trips, shore/boat trips, a retail shop, services... a whole world for water lovers looking to discover something new away from the shore. 

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As published in The Cyprus Weekly of July 17 2015 

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