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An active retirement for Limassol official

Kleon Alexandrou Kleon Alexandrou

Kleon Alexandrou has been the Cultural Officer of the Limassol Municipality for 38 years and has recently retired.

In an interview with the Cyprus Weekly, he admits that after almost 40 years of being very busy, he actually finds it difficult to remain inactive.

Alexandrou has always been interested in culture. When he returned from Greece in the 70s, where he had studied electronic engineering, he was happy to start working in this field instead.

He says he has been fortunate to be able to work under four exceptional mayors who have all done a lot for the municipality of Limassol: Fotis Kolakides, Antonis Hadjipavlou, Demetris Kontides and Andreas Christou.

Favourite memories

His favourite events have always been the Limassol Carnival and the Wine Festival and he has many fond memories, anecdotes and mishaps with happy endings to share.

One of them includes a ‘Tsiknopempti’ where heavy rainfalls caused the cantadori’s (Limassol troubadours) carriage to get stuck in the mud of the parking lot. Many of them got together to push it out and in the end they were exhausted and muddy but so happy – and he still remembers the relief they felt.

Another mishap with a happy end that Alexandrou will always remember was the ‘Vrakas’, the traditional male figure welcoming visitors to the wine festival at the entrance of the municipal gardens, catching fire the night before the opening of the festival.

The figure was completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt from scratch including all the clothes, literally overnight.
Hours were often long throughout his career and he is thankful to his family, Maro, his wife of 37 years, and his two daughters for being so understanding. “They will get to see more of me now, but I am certainly not planning to sit at home all day,” he laughs.

Staying busy

Plans are in the making to continue organising events via a new structure, obviously in collaboration with the municipality, one of them with view of including all the different cultures from around the world that are found in Limassol. And so the former cultural officer of Limassol will continue contributing to the cultural life of the city.

Article as printed in the Cyprus Weekly of July 3 2105

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