Tuesday, 20 December 2016 16:36

Another one bites the dust

Many shops spring up every year before Christmas, mostly selling arts, crafts and gifts to cater for the Christmas shopper. Some may stay, some may go. However, it seems more and more of the little neighbourhood shops for our daily needs seem to go.

In my area, another neighbourhood shop closed its doors last week – for good. The kind of shop I only pop into when I ‘quickly need something’. The kind we probably all go into once a week, if that, for those ‘emergencies’ when we don’t have time or are not in the mood for supermarket shopping.

So, when I find such doors closed, it always comes as a shock, immediately followed by the realisation that I’ll now have to go to the supermarket a few blocks down for that one item I’ve run out of.

Last week’s small grocery shop was the third one this year to have shut down in my neighbourhood. Soon, there will only be big supermarkets. The kind with long aisles and long queues, and annoying music and misleading advertisements plastered all over.

I could jump up and down with frustration like a Rumpelstiltskin when I have to walk through a kilometre of aisles filled with stuff I neither want nor need, and then stand in line with those shopping for their eight-strong family for the next few weeks and beyond.

When the first one closed, I had actually resolved to shop more at those small establishments to help them survive, but soon went back to doubting if my €10 per trip would help them stay open.

And yet… what if everyone resolved to shop more in those smaller places? They may not have the same huge selection, the same ‘special offers’, but they generally have no queue at the check-out and a friendly owner or cashier who will actually acknowledge you as a customer – which surely is worth something?

Probably those big chains are just too strong a competitor to beat, probably this is just a sign of our times that can be seen everywhere. Still, I resent the thought of not having a choice anymore – other than the one of having to face 10 options on everything, when all I want is to do is grab a fresh head of lettuce.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of December 16th 2016 

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