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Too old to drive, too young to stay home

scared and sometimes scary - elderly drivers scared and sometimes scary - elderly drivers

A while ago, there was talk about the hazards of elderly drivers who are no longer fit to drive and about how the police is going to ‘get tough’ on them.

I have not seen the issue come up in the news any more, but I recently did see a couple who should not have been anywhere near a car.

In fact, getting around by bicycle, I often encounter very old people driving. And I try to keep my distance.

Often they can hardly look out from behind the steering wheel of their equally-old car. You’ll see them peering with great concentration at what might be ahead.

Mobility seems to be an issue, too, as they sometimes struggle to turn their heads.

And in many cases, we probably don’t want to know about their hearing and eyesight.

Anyway, I saw this elderly couple, probably both in their late 70s, walking out of a local supermarket. Thin, frail, a bit shaky, struggling with their few bags. “Oh dear, are they driving?” I wondered.

I got on my bicycle and, turning the corner, I saw that their old small car had just hit another vehicle at the next intersection.

There seemed to be only little damage, but the elderly driver was obviously shaken and looked so sorry and confused and miserable that I still remember his face.

Clearly, he should not have been driving, but what if he needed to as he had no one else to drive him around? Taking a local bus would have probably been like jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

With the improvement of bus services and police services happening at similar speeds, the future and safety of elderly drivers and that of other road users will just stay like it is – scary and also a bit sad.

Article as published in The Cyprus Weekly of October 1st 2016 

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